The Dog Star In The Sky

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. It occurred to me this weekend as I was lounging on the beach, that I indeed had the life.  You know, a home with persons that love me, and a brother that gets in trouble all of the time and entertains me with his talent for finding dead fish in the sand, and eating them in one gulp.

When you wish upon a star
Your dreams will take you very far


It also occurred to me when I was contemplating how great life was, that I had a tear in my eye.  The beach kind of does that to me.  It makes me emotional, y’all. Yes, even I can take a break from arresting and have some appreciation.  But I quickly wiped away that tear.  And there was only one.  Kind of like…well…me.  And then.  I thought again because I was on a roll.  I. Was. A. Star.  I was one of a kind.  Wow, I was so awesome. I could see my reflection in the ocean, and I was a bit barkless.

Shining star come in to view
Shine its watchful light on you
Give you strength to carry on
Make your body big and strong


Right about this time, I heard it.  A person running up to us on the beach and saying that we looked like the 2 Traveling Dogs.  Girl Person told her that it was because we were the 2 Traveling Dogs.  She was happy, we took a few pictures, and she was on her way.  And I thought again.  I really was a star.  I really was.

You’re a shining star
No matter who you are
Shining bright to see
What you could truly be

As usual, Girl Person can read my thoughts like I can read hers. And she said that after breakfast, we were going to sit down for awhile and talk about real stars.  And why I couldn’t let my head get too big. My head get too big?  I didn’t want a big head, that was already being fashioned by Digby.  I could use a longer tail.  But that’s a different story.


Girl Person said that we are never too important in this world to not recognize the things that are indeed miracles.  The things that are indeed as bright as the brightest star in the sky.  The Dog Star.  She was going to tell me about it whether I wanted to hear it or not.

It always amazes me that Girl Person can come up with this stuff.  But she said her dad, our Gandpa told her about it.  That explains it.  Usually, she is busy cooking my meals or something.

She said that Gandpa said the brightest star visible from any part of Earth is Sirius in the constellation Canis Major the Greater Dog. Ugh.  I am already wondering how long this explanation is going to take away my mirror time.  She continued.  Fabulous.  She said that Sirius is sometimes called the Dog Star. Most people in the Northern Hemisphere notice Sirius from winter to mid-spring. February evenings are a perfect time to see it. Well, I am best seen year round, Dog Star.  What have you got to say about that?

This star is often called the Rainbow Star too because of its many colors.  Kind of like my brindle.


I was actually starting to enjoy learning about the Dog Star the more Girl Person explained it to me.  You see, for every night of my life, that Dog Star was up there, shining, and I didn’t even know about it.  But because I didn’t know about it, that didn’t take away the fact that it was still there.  It was still a star.  And Girl Person said that no matter if people are famous, or not so famous, that doesn’t mean that they are any less special.  She said that we all are shining stars.  All of us.

But she said that real stars don’t need to sign pawtographs. Because their real beauty and importance is what they contribute to this world, how they take care of it, and how they treat others.  And so for me, I suppose, for this one time, I will continue to build my appreciation for what wonderful things are around me, and what we have yet to learn about.  There are so many things waiting to be discovered.  No, not discovered for Hollywood, but discovered to add to our life.


So Dog Star?  Tonight, I will look up and admire you.  Yes, it will be from afar, but like me, you are meant to be admired from a distance.  Thank you for being there.

Who is the real star in the show of your life? Give your attention to the important things. And I will add something else, because that is what I do and that is who I am.  Remember your importance too.  There are others watching you.  Be an example.  Shine like the Dog Star while letting others shine bright too.

You’re a shining star
No matter who you are
Shining bright to see
What you could truly be

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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4 thoughts on “The Dog Star In The Sky

  1. Jacqueline

    This reminded me of so many things, Wow. Thank you. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Gandpa was a truly wise man.
    P.S. Girl Person, you looked stunning in your live video, and so informative! Thank you!!
    P.S. Brickle, you, Digby, your Mom and your Dad, are ALL stars in our eyes!! Shine on!!! Much love!!! xoxoxo <3 <3 <3 <3

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