I Just Gotta Stop. I Just Wanna Stop.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Oh, red bird.  Yesterday, we had to say goodbye.  I know that we were having a sort of competition for mirror time.  And I know that you probably think that because we left the campsite that you won.  But alas, guess who still has all the mirrors that you were attacking?  Me, red bird.  Me.


But as we have been sitting over here a few campsites down from apparently yours…well…it seems that I will have to admit something.  We are missing your antics just a little bit.


You see, campsite #132 is not the same as campsite #167.  It has no red bird.  It has no Scarlet Pimpernel to fly into our windows and mirrors all day.

When I think about the way the world must turn
I get the saddest thoughts for you and me
Memories of life and times go on and on
Ooh, Ive tried hard to forget it
But of lord my mind won’t let it

In fact, it is quite boring over here.  You can only listen to Digby sounds for a little while before you go insane. I don’t need to elaborate.  I just gotta stop.  I just wanna stop on that one.

Ooo, Ive tried so hard to take it
But oh lord my heart won’t make it

But I also just gotta stop thinking about you.  Because if our time as friends was that short, it would be a tragedy.  Friends? I think of you as a friend?  Well, listen.  You made me realize how important looking at myself was.  You also made me realize that I still had competition out there, when in fact I had let my guard down on that one.


I have come to realize in life that the best friends we have aren’t necessarily the ones we even like the most. Sometimes, the best friends we have irritate us to the point of trying to block them out with tape on mirrors and plastic bags on windows.  But real friends don’t give up on us when they know that we need them.  Like you.  But Scarlet Pimpernel?  You are making me too emotional. And I just wanna stop.  I just gotta stop.

Sometimes, the best friends we have make us better whether we realize it or not.  And even though we may never cross paths again, I will always consider you one of my friends in this life.

You even reminded us of our family and friends who have been so supportive of us on our trip and our life changes.  They haven’t been pecking at our windows and mirrors, but they never gave up on us.  Even when we were depressed, broke down or when we thought we couldn’t finish our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  They told us we could.  And we did.

You see little red bird, there were times we wanted to stop.  And family and friends helped us not too.  Apparently, you were never going to stop pecking the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.  And we thank you for not stopping.  But we had to move so that you could take care of your family. And mirrors.  Did I mention that I need all the mirrors?


You see, friends aren’t always the same.  Sometimes, they are quite different.  Like you and me.  I have a feeling that one day, our paths just may cross again.  But until then, I won’t be able to help looking for you.  I just wanna stop.  I just gotta stop.  But I need a few days.

Memories of life and times go on and on

Take care of yourself, little red bird.  Take care of your family.  You were a good friend to us and taught us something when we needed to see it.  But I need to see myself too.  I have all the mirrors now.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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3 thoughts on “I Just Gotta Stop. I Just Wanna Stop.

  1. Karen Hampton

    Little Scarlet Pimpernel was bringing you all a Valentine….from all of us around the country & world, who LOVE YOU!! I’m sure you’ll meet again…over a mirror somewhere, Sheriff….❤️🐶🐺 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, TTD FAMILY💋💋

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