This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Where are we going today?  Isn’t it November 1st?  Weren’t be supposed to know where we were going?  Good questions.  Another question is when did I start being able to read calendars? There seems to be a lot of questions floating around this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.  And no answers.

Now everybody’s got advice they just keep on givin’
Doesn’t mean too much to me
Lots of people out to make-believe they’re livin’
Can’t decide who they should be, whoa

Here it goes.  And you know that as Deputy I am always honest.  As part of my job, I uphold the law.  Another part of my job, I break the law.  But we don’t need to focus on that so much.  The honest part?  The persons have been talking and crying and talking some more the last few days.  Especially yesterday.  Because they don’t know if leaving Sonoma County is a mistake.  And it is bringing not decisions.  But indecision.

I understand about indecision
But I don’t care if I get behind
People livin’ in competition
All I want is to have my peace of mind


You see, here it goes.  We love that Florida place.  We love our family in that Florida place.  But here just seems to fit us right now in this moment, because we have been tired from traveling and we got a routine going.  If you have been following the blog, you know that Girl Person and Boy Person tried their hardest to make a business work to bring us back to California.  Did the business work?  They tell me it did not.  But we still made it back here…although not the way they intended in a house with wheels.  Persons and their plans.  Just always seem to get broken.


What they don’t realize is that their hard work did get us back here.  Just not in their perfect way.

Now you’re climbin’ to the top of the company ladder
Hope it doesn’t take too long
Can’tcha you see there’ll come a day when it won’t matter?
Come a day when you’ll be gone, whoa

And now that we are here, we are finding it very hard to go.  One of the reasons is because we haven’t found a home in that Florida place either yet.  And then traveling across the country seems so far again to now sit and wait for a house there too. But spending so much money camping and not being able to find anywhere more reasonable is not doing us any good. Many people are displaced from the fires and housing is scarce.  And then!!  Then, then, then….what do we do?


Sometimes, the persons can talk so much that they keep saying the same things over and over and they get nowhere.  They have been stalling on making a decision for weeks now.  But I have to say this.  I am not complaining. Because Sheriff Brickle and I love it here too.


But honesty is my policy. So here it goes. We really need to get going here.  Being in limbo is no fun.  Unless you are at a party.  Or a pawty.  This is not helping anyone to camp forever in Bodega Bay.

The Depression Monsters are multiplying up in here and the persons don’t do so good under pressure.  So instead of heading back to that Florida place today, we have a couple of options.  The first is to not leave until tomorrow because they are so tired from talking day and night.  Or.  We can maybe go somewhere else to think for a few days.  But it is morning.  It is early. And we don’t know yet.  I don’t know how to tell time anyway.

Now if you’re feelin’ kinda low ’bout the dues you’ve been paying
Future’s coming much too slow
And you want to run but somehow you just keep on stayin’
Can’t decide on which way to go

So.  Indecision.  It is a visitor with us right now. There seems to be no clear cut answers. But we will figure it out. Actually, Sheriff Brickle will  So stay tuned to our Facebook page today. We will let you know if and when we are going. This is a hard one.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Thank you for your support of our new shirt! We still need to sell a few more to even get printed.  We can do this!


10 thoughts on “Indecision.

  1. Jacqueline

    Digby, did I ever tell you how much I love it when you talk about your responsibilities as Deputy? Well, I’m doing it now, it always make me love you. And you look so debonair in that photo of you with the wine, you could use it on a dating site. 😉 All of this makes sense, I don’t know what the rush is, just wait a few more weeks then, it’s just stressing you all out, and you all clearly love it there. We all just want you all to be happy. So enjoy another day, 10 days, A YEAR!!! It’s obvious you don’t want to go yet. The answers will come to you. We all have your backs. I love you all. Please (like I know this is impossible because of my anxiety!!!) just relax. Get some rest and enjoy. xoxoxo <3 <3 <3 <3
    P.S. Great song by Boston. Ridiculous "me" story: My sophomore year of high school we had to choose a song and aerobicise to it, and my bestie and I chose this song. We got an "A" but I'm glad I don't remember one part of the dance routine!!!! Whenever I hear this song though I think about that, we had to perform it in front of a bunch of people too, how humiliating!!!! But the song is perfect for what your blog was about today!!! Okay, thanks for listening, Love ya!!! 😀

  2. Sylvia Darling

    Find a way to stay on the West Coast you just never know when God/Universe will spin things in your direction for the house of your dreams! I still believe in my heart its where you’re meant to be. Its why it’s so hard to leave. So go North or go South, go where you can come back every few months. Roof Dog will miss his play dates with you Deputy and I will miss your love Sheriff Brickle!

  3. Karen Hampton

    With a decision, whichever you choose, there will come peace. Indecision is a giant monster, so, you guys need to become David…..destroy the Indecision Goliath & find peace. We are with you WHEREVER you land…, never, ever doubt your REAL SUCCESSES!!! Love always, Grammy

  4. Constance Freed

    I’ve been having a hard time deciding too. I live in Mobile but I have a chance to go back to my hometown in San Diego. What should I do? Do you want a house in San Diego? It has a yard and I wouldn’t have to move.

  5. Cindi Buzzell

    I know that you have a really hard decision to make….what if you travel up north a bit to Creasent City? The houses are less expensive, and you have the beautiful ocean, and I’m sure that you can find a wonderful yard 😁😊. Have you thought about renting a place first? Take a break and settle in California for the winter….relax, go to the beach and go hiking. If by the end of winter you’re still deciding…travel in the spring 😁❤️😁❤️

  6. Christine

    Come to San Diego!!! You have friends here and it’s real beautiful down here. Then you can always go back north if you want to. Sending you all lots of love❤️❤️❤️

  7. Indecision is a hard place to be and it can be hard on us people. Maybe a short trip away, but not too far away, would be a good thing. Maybe bring a new perspective on just where y’all need to be.

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