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This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Today will not be my favorite day of the week.  Today I have to go to the Vet Person for a checkup, Girl Person tells me.  So I tell her that I  may or may not cooperate.  And since I am the Sheriff, well, I have the handcuffs.  And I am ready for arrests.  I am not understanding why any dog as handsome as I am has to go to a vet, unless it is for research on how a dog can be so handsome.  Is that what is happening?  Deputy Digby certainly did not leave a good impression from his visit.  And I am sure that their expectations of me are determined.  I will report later today on this on our Facebook page.


Our week has been a bit eventful so far.  You wouldn’t know it, but there has been a lot of talking in this Big Blue Treat Wagon about what our next steps are and where our next home will be…if any.  Sometimes we think that maybe we were just meant to roam around forever.

Roam if you want to
Roam around the world
Roam if you want to
Without wings, without wheels

Girl Person said that when she was little, she read a lot of books, and one of her favorite series was a book that let you choose your own adventures.  You would read a story and then decide what ending you wanted.  And we thought, hey.  That is a good idea.  Because we are as confused as when Deputy Digby can’t decide whether to roll in horse poop or eat it. And that my friends is confusion at its finest.

Take it hip to hip, rocket through the wilderness
Around the world the trip begins with a kiss


We think that we have made some decisions…but we would like your input first.  So today, we are going to ask for your opinion and give you some choices.  Will it be up to you to make our next plan of action?  Perhaps.  Are you ready?  Here are the choices with some facts rolled in.  As Sheriff, that is my duty to always give you the facts.  You must be informed to make a good decision.

  1.  Fact: We can’t find a home or building so far that we can afford in Sonoma County. We want to live within our means and not be overextended. We know that there are other wonderful areas in California.  But honestly. This is where we love.  Option:  Stay here in the RV until we find somewhere we can afford. But that may not happen.
  2.  Fact:  We really like Amelia Island, Florida.  It has the ocean and the sunshiney and family closer by. And it is cheaper than the California place.  Option: Go back to that Florida place (yes, that means another trek across the country) and try to find a home near Amelia Island or an old building, gas station or restaurant we can renovate.  Maybe even a build a tiny house? And park the RV where we can until we find a cheaper way to live, but on the ocean?
  3.  Fact:  We love Italy and France.  The persons really want to live there one day.  But can me and Digby get there ok?  Would it be too stressful of a trip for us or could we find a plane to get us there?  Option:  Either go to Florida for a bit and save some money to go later, or just go now.  That is scary for us all.  But aren’t the scariest things what pushes us and makes us greater in the end?
  4.  Fact:  We don’t know if we want the burden of a house payment.  We really like living this simple lifestyle.  Option:  Keep traveling. Are we meant to just travel where we want to for a bit and not worry about any of this for awhile?  Should we just keep traveling and stay in the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV?

So there.  That is the choices.  You get to play a part in choosing our next adventure.  You have stuck with us through this whole Adventure Of A Lifetime, “48 states, 48 rescues”.  And we are relying on you to help us with this next adventure.  Whatever we choose, we are going to do it in November.  Life is too short to keep waiting.  So ready?  Tell us your choice.  And we will be listening.


Roam if you want to
Roam around the world
Roam if you want to
Without anything but the love we feel

Now, I wish Girl Person would listen and not take me to the Vet Person today.

Fly the great big sky
See the great big sea
Kick through continents
Busting boundaries

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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23 thoughts on “Choose Our Adventure

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  2. Jacqueline

    I agree with most everybody as well. I said that I thought FL and some land or parking or small house-ing would do you all a world of good. No good on the overseas right now. You’d be close to family, Amelia Island is amazing, you’d be by the beautiful ocean that you all love and need, you’d have some time to re-group and really THINK through what your hearts are telling you, you for sure need some stability and “home” time, and rest and relaxation. And take your time!! But if November is the Go-Date, you could slowly cruise your way back to FL, enjoy yourselves, and then take a long wind-down from all you’ve done and been through!! Just to even process all you have done has to be mind-bending! As long as you are all together, IT will come together. Thank you for including us in the process, just enjoy CA as much as you can for now, drink it all in and coming and vacationing and visiting is always an option!! Your families back home must miss you all so much too. You can do it, you’ve done it all!!! Bravehearts!!! xoxoxo Love you all!!! <3 <3 <3
    <3 !!!
    P.S. Best news EVER that both you boys are in such stellar shape!!!! Little Traveling Warriors!!!

  3. Andrea Young

    I would not consider putting a dog on an overseas flight–way, WAY too stressful and dangerous. I totally understand that California is too expensive. I live here, and totally agree that the cost of living is very high here. In fact, it’s probably higher in the Napa/Sonoma area than some other areas of the state. Have you considered any other cities in CA that are along the coast but farther south? (Just a thought)
    Morro Bay, perhaps? My husband and I were there decades ago, but it was beautiful. Florida would put you back near family, and that seems to be extremely important to you. Personally, I would not prefer Florida, but have only visited Orlando, so don’t know about the rest of the state. Would being by a lake be a good substitute for oceanside living? That could create more possibilities. I wouldn’t be too hasty about making a decision that’s so important, unless you’re listening to your heart, and have prayed for the right answer. The most important thing to do is listen. Love the 4 of you, and will be with you, if you let me, no matter what! 💙🐕💙🐕💜👣💙👣

  4. Karen Hampton

    Sheriff & family…..I must chime in with my humble opinion. I have been with you guys for a few years now…..I believe that Amelia Island is whispering in the Persons ears. The sea can be such a great relaxing & calming force….and family nearby cannot be overrated. I think possibly, the trip across to Europe might be difficult on you boys….that’s a rough one on Persons!!! I might worry too much ( I’ve been told) , but…that’s what I do. Maybe I’m being ‘selfish’, but you guys belong in America….we NEED you here. I’m having a surgery tomorrow on my knee, so I can appreciate you not being thrilled with a Vet visit!!! Love you all!! 🐶🐺❤️🍷🍷🌴🏖’Grammy’ in Michigan

  5. Elizabeth Dickinson

    I think going back home to FL makes sense. I would rule out Europe at this point for all the reasons the other commenters have mentioned. I personally do not love FL but if you are close to your family and that’s where they are – in the long run family is such a buoy. And, you have the treat wagon for vacations! Oregon is another beautiful place to live. Not “too” far from CA ….. a nice do-able treatwagin vacation. Best wishes. 🌸💕🌸

  6. I would narrow it down to #2 or 3. Traveling has been stressful at times and you don’t need stress. You love Florida, family is there and that is important. What pets have to go through on a plane trip is not a happy thing; so a lot of pre planning has to go into a European re locate Some countries are not pet friendly. Hard to believe, but true, Besides Amy would love to have you back on the east coast.

  7. Lynne Smith having you here in California. I keep suggesting my area, Santa Maria, close to Pismo Beach.
    Amelia Island…just watched House Hunters this morning and it was about Amelia Island!! Looks like a beautiful place. Family is important, so maybe that’s the best place to you after all.
    I like some of the other suggestions…finding a long term parking spot, tiny house or a piece of land to park the RV or build on.
    Whatever you choose will be the best for you. Good luck!🐕🐶🐾

  8. Rhea

    Florida is calling you back home! That is where family is and nothing is better than having family around when you need them. Get a piece of land to park the big blue on and go from there. You have to follow your heart ❤️

  9. Cheryl

    Florida is good, family, sunshine,ect. But, how about you start with 4, working your way back to Florida, take your time, maybe see some other rescues you missed the 1st time out.Then if nothing hits you as the answer, your back and can plan from there. I have found that when you push too hard, its the wrong answer. Good luck, Cheryl

  10. Rebecca Price

    I think go back to Florida and be closer to family. It seems your post are more up when you are with family. I wouldn’t try to fly dogs overseas I wouldn’t fly dogs commercial at all. At least not big ones. Small ones who can fit under the seat would work. If you want to continue living in the treatment wagon then next year come back to California for 2 or 3 months then go back to Florida.

  11. Cathy

    I am sure you have done extensive searching and had countless conversations as to what to do next. Whatever you decide you will be together and that is what matters most. I agree with most of the other commenters that I would probably not put dogs on a airplane. There are too many things that do and could go wrong. Plus, the boys would be away from you for hours on the plane. I do have a question for you, have you considered a shipping container home? They are becoming quite popular. Plus, you recycle the container and they are cheaper to convert. Good luck!

  12. Tracy

    I vote for the Amelia Island plan. You don’t have to stay there forever, but it would be a wonderful place to rest and regroup, for awhile. I bet the Sheriff and the Deputy would love being beach bums!

  13. Patricia Moller

    I think your hearts are in Florida, even though you love California. My suggestion is the same as last time. Go back to Florida where you have family, buy a small piece of land and build or buy a stationary tiny house. There are some beautiful ones out there and they don’t cost as much as a house. Whatever your persons decide, it has to be where you can be happy as a family. Where you can enjoy each other, have fun and love of family. Life is short enjoy all of it that you can. You never know what tomorrow will bring. As long as you are together, you’ll be happy. Of course you need to be near the water. Hugs and love to all. You have love and be together so whatever your persons decide it will all be good. Love to all of you!

  14. Margaret

    All of you really seem to love your California place. I don’t think overseas is an option (maybe if …not naming any names…were younger, but even then, flying is stressful enough for humans and more so for dogs.) I think you should try to purchase a little spot of land and put the big blue treat wagon there for now. And then see what happens. Good luck!

  15. Pam

    I’d suggest hanging around in California for a while longer. Can you find a monthly rental site as the seasons are changing? No hurry to make a final decision.
    I agree with others that overseas travel would be hard on the boys.

  16. #2 I’m not a fan of flying animals, I think it’s too stressful, and the older the animals the more stressful I think it would be. Come to Florida, and maybe not buy a house so your options are open for later in life

  17. michelle

    It seems Florida might be the best place for you. Family is very important. Maybe you could make the trek back to Florida another adventure, which would give you more time to really decide if you want to settle in one place. Good luck to you!

  18. Vivian Ortiz

    As you know I think you should come back south and be near our ocean for now…. as for Europe I still regret moving my pups to Hawaii hating it and moving them back….as you know air travel for pups is dangerous….mine are ok….but it was so stressful for them….I will never put them in a plane again….

  19. I think maybe option 2. Cali is very expensive to live and you’re very, very far from family. I think you may have better luck there without getting strapped for money and Ble to see family once in awhile!

  20. Meghan Woods

    I know how you love California but it has become way to experience so my vote would be for Florida . You will have the ocean and family close by. I believe you all would be very happy in Florida and maybe it is time to settle down in a beautiful sunshine and water area where the boys would be happy. Good luck on whatever decision you reach.

  21. jo

    I believe things happen for a reason and at the right time. Nothing seems to be jumping out at you as the right thing to do right now. So maybe stay in the treat wagon for now and keep your options open. When the time is right the decision will be easier.

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