That’s Not All, Folks

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It is time I clear the air.  And since Deputy Digby Pancake is not in the room, it will be much easier for me to do without his smelliness.


So many fans are worried…worried that this is the end of the line for us, the end of this blog, the end of our life’s journey…let me tell you something.  Don’t you worry about a thing!  Seriously now. Don’t you have enough to worry about?

If you have been with us since we started this blog, over five years ago now, you know that it wasn’t always about this trip for us.  First, we wrote about moving to California from Florida.  Then, we wrote about moving from California back to Florida.  We wrote about our family, losing some family, our furkid friends and family, and about animal rescue.  We wrote about starting a business, failing business, depression, selling our home, and all of life’s good and bad happenings. Then, we sold our home, bought an RV, and started this trip to help animal rescues. All along the way, some days were more eventful I suppose than others.  But no matter what, even if it was just an ordinary day, that day was special.  And me and Deputy Digby have wrote to you almost every single weekday for over that five years.  Has it been hard work?  It has.  But we have never stopped, and we won’t ever stop.  As long as we have your support, and as long as you want to read about our days, we aren’t going anywhere.  That’s not all folks!


It is true that we may be slowing down a little bit on the travel part of our days.  And after a year of moving at least twice a week, and visiting the 48 states, we are very, very tired.  But that doesn’t mean that our adventures are over.  First off, I keep having to remind you that we have one more rescue to visit here in this California place.  And it is a very important visit.  They deserve it!  So stay tuned for our announcement next week on our California pick.


It is true that we can’t tell you what life holds in store for us still.  We can’t tell you, because we don’t know.  But we hope that is part of the reason why you will stay with us.

We need your help and suggestions on where to live, how to live, and things you want to see!  Remember what we told you a few months ago?  If you don’t, You. Are. Arrested.  We will be doing fun videos on lifestyle tips for dog parents, cooking tips, podcasts, and some really fun things.  And showing you the fun side of animal rescue will always be a part of us as a family.  Someone saved our lives, we will always thank them by giving back.


But just like your dogs and furkids, even if a day isn’t extraordinary by person standards, it is to us.  We may not be headed down a road in a Big Blue Treat Wagon as much, but we can guarantee that our day is still special enough to share.  So are we ending this blog?  Are we not going to post on our Facebook page?  Puleeze.  Do you know how many pics and videos from our trip that you haven’t seen before?  Plus, we need your help in finding somewhere to live and we will be asking for your feedback. So, sit back friends and relax.  We have a lot more entertaining to do. Are you with us?  That’s not all, folks! Did I clear the air or is that Digby’s smell again?  I don’t know.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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9 thoughts on “That’s Not All, Folks

  1. Jacqueline

    Oh my Heart!!! I always love you, Sheriff, on the beach with your feeties and all of your wisdom and confidence, and you too, Deputy, with that precious face and, your “don’t worry-be happy” attitude and these for some reason, are some of my favorite “soulful” pics!! Love to you all, I’m so glad that you will carry on, because really? What else can we all do?? Even with struggles comes beauty, happiness and wisdom, even if you might say to yourself “Wow, this is the worst day ever.” No it’s not, it’s another lesson in the Big Game Called Life!!! Love you all with all of my heart!!! Enjoy, and thank you again for sharing so that we can enjoy as well!! xoxoxox

  2. Barbara Sevrens

    Good afternoon guys. I do enjoy your stories and all you discuss with us. Whatever you do will be in God’s hands. God bless you always. You always have good things #to share and I appreciate it.😍😍😍💙💙

  3. Linda Allebach

    Great (as usual) blog today. Both the Sheriff and the Deputy have special writing skills and have apparently worked hard on their literacy…

    So something I thought of as I read the insights today was that I have unfortunately had to “unfriend” numerous people on FB (friends AND some family) because of the very depressing photos they post of abused animals. Now, I’m sure they mean well, but frankly seeing that part of what we know happens all too often is not an encouragement to me to follow those persons or orgs or want to get involved in their causes. What makes sense to me is yes, as you said wise Sir Sheriff, to show the “Fun” side of the organizations’ efforts – to emphasize the good parts and add to the positive education of potential donors and owners. That’s what will draw persons in and have the best outcome all around.

    You are a family that’s really good at crafting thought-provoking communications and I know this gift will be very helpful in whatever God has planned for your next assignment(s).

    Stay safe, try to plan some R&R and soon the next thing will just come along.

  4. Karen Olson

    You never know what life has in store but it is always an adventure! Hard to believe that it’s been over a year since y all headed out in the Big Blue Treat Wagon for an adventure of a lifetime. I have enjoyed every like along the way. (Not the bad stuff so much.
    I plan to continue to follow y all on the next chapter. Love You! Have a wonderful weekend. ❤

  5. Jnine

    Thank you Deputy! I only came this year, but am glad I found you and enjoy everything you all write. Big caring hugs from a Rhode Island person. I have a tee shirt, two tank tops, the book Endless Path and am making my Donation for Baron the cat today. You all make a difference for the good and that matters.

  6. Vera Eldredge

    I look forward to seeing your emails every day!!! You are doing a wonderful thing. Keep it up. 🐶🐶💖

  7. Linda Swartz

    I really enjoy reading everything you write. I love your sense of humor. I will stick with you guys forever. Please get a long rest and relax and recuperate from a very tough year. You make better decisions when well rested. You all are the greatest.❤️

  8. Robert Doran

    Love corndog tail quips, and Digbys answers.
    I kinda hope you move back to Florida.

    It really has been an adventure of a lifetime.

    I’ve followed from the beginning.

  9. Kathy Dubree

    I enjoy all your adventures maybe you and your humans could write a book. I would sure buy it. Or maybe you could revisit some of the placed you would have like to have spent more time in. I look forward to reading about you every day.

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