Where Does Your Heart Live?

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Well, we have been back to Sonoma County, California for just two days.  And in two days, we seem to feel a bit more settled.  A bit more…well…relaxed.  It seems like we have been running around like crazy the past year, because we have been running around like crazy the past year.  Since we are in Bodega Bay right now, I will liken how we have felt to this…

We still have to focus to complete our trip because we have one more animal rescue to visit on our 48 state, 48 rescue tour.  Which rescue will it be?  Stay tuned.  I haven’t finalized it yet.  I am waiting to see who offers me the most pancakes.  But being back to this place we left five years ago feels good, although it feels a little odd.  We went to a beach last night that we used to come to all the time.  You may recognize it a bit.  Am I afraid of the birds here?  You better believe it.  I hear they are pancake stealing fools.  I am best friends with many, but not pancake stealing fools.

Girl Person says it feels odd to be back somewhere after so many years, and how so many things are the same, yet different.


Girl Person told me a story that one day, after her Pappy died, she looked out the window and saw people going about their daily business, keeping the same routines as always.  People were walking their dogs, people were driving down the road.  And although it seemed like her world had stopped, and a person who so many had loved was here for 90 years, then gone, still, other life went on.  The world kept turning although she felt like her’s had stopped.  And that is how she has felt since coming back to a place that had been in her heart for the five years since we left.  She said how odd it felt to her that even though her heart had hurt so bad being away, life went on without us.  She would dream of this California place every day and try to work so hard to come back.  But it didn’t know we left.

And it made me think a little bit.  Not much makes me think except a sale on maple syrup, so this must have been big.


Where does your heart live?  Are you where your heart wants to be?  For us, although we more than love this place, we have realized after traveling thousands of miles the past year, that there really is no perfect place except where we are at the end of the day.  Unless there are birds coming in that place, and in that case, you need to get out.  Pancake stealing fools. Bodega Bay? You are on the Sheriff’s arrest list.

If we are together, that is where we need to be.  A lot goes into a day for persons.  Working and worrying and worrying some more.  That stuff can fill your hearts with things that crowd out the good.  And before you know it, you forget the good.  You watch that bad news box all day and worry some more about bad things going on.  And again, you forget the good.  Don’t let that happen.  Even on a day when pancakes are lukewarm, that was a good day.

Girl Person said her heart has lived in Sonoma for years now.  And to be back here is overwhelming to her, especially since we may not be able to stay.


But some of her heart likes to travel back to that Florida place too and her heart goes there quite often.  Especially when it is cold!! Our hearts know where we need to be, and it is up to us to listen.  What makes us happy is in our hearts.  So if you can change what you need to change to get to where your heart wants to live today, you have to do that.  My heart wants to go to IHop.  But any pancake house will do.

The simple fact is, the world will go on without us here.  Sonoma has went on without us here.  So make your place count in the world for today.  We may not be here tomorrow.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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3 thoughts on “Where Does Your Heart Live?

  1. Jacqueline

    Might be my favorite blog so far, but there are so many from 2 Traveling Dogs that I can’t be sure. This one really touched me and moved me. Well said, on so many levels. Love you all. xoxoxo

  2. Jnine

    Well said Digby. Two stacks of pancakes for you 👍
    Last night, I was thinking about all of you and thought…Girl Person could write a doggie cook book and Boy person could write a book of your travels and so many would be sold, that you could drive off into the sunset and always be with each other. 🐾🐾❤️❤️

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