TV And Red, Red Wine

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  And I cannot believe it.  We are finally back to a place we left our hearts and empty wine glasses over five years ago.  We have made it full circle…literally…back to Sonoma County, California.


Have you ever been so tired that you just wanna cry?  Have you ever been so happy that you wanted to cry?  Have you ever been so happy and so tired at the same time that you want to cry?  Well, we had a very full day yesterday, and we were all of the above.

Our day started out so early.

We drove to a TV station in Sacramento, California to talk to them about our trip and how we were helping to get the word out about animal rescues.


The persons were nervous, but they both had on new pants, so they were all good. As soon as we got there, I knew it was going to happen.  I was going to steal the show.


I told Deputy Digby not to do anything on air to embarrass us.


But as usual, Deputy Digby doesn’t know what embarrassing means, and apparently, burping on air is not a big deal to him.  After he decided to steal my spotlight, I decided that maybe I should tell Kinsey how much I liked her dress.  And her nail polish.  Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.  The persons kept talking, talking away while I worked my magic.  And then, it was over so quick.

I know my handsome will linger here for always.  However, I was not paid for my appearance, so I declined taking a picture.


As usual, we left our mark on wherever we visit, and we were off.  That was hard work, being so handsome and all.


Girl Person says she will make it up to us today though with a big breakfast, because it is time to celebrate.  Why?  After driving for a few hours, we arrived in the place we have been thinking about for years after we had to leave in 2012.  And I know Girl Person as well as I know a plate of peanut butter cookies.  I knew that she was gonna start the tear show.  And when she saw the sign through our battered, dirty, Big Blue Treat Wagon RV windshield, the tears started flowing.


She told me that the tears weren’t just because we missed this place.  She told me that this meant our trip was almost done. This is our last state on the Adventure Of A Lifetime.  This is our last rescue visit of the trip. 48 states, 48 rescues seemed impossible last May. And we have to concentrate to get this completed!  I have to keep the persons focused.  Why?

Yeah, you know it.  The persons are so happy to be back in Sonoma County, that they don’t know what we should do first!  And Deputy Digby and I are happy to go back on some of our favorite hikes and see the sights we missed.  Yes, we remember this place.  We remember it well.  And although we are happy to be here, where we are the happiest is where our persons are the happiest.  Whatever state that may be in.


How long will we get to stay here in Sonoma?  We don’t know.  The persons are still figuring things out, but we know it is going to be good…wherever our paths take us.  As long as we keep focused on what we can do for animals in need and the people who are helping them, we think it will all fall into place.  So don’t leave us now, ok? Girl Person and Boy Person are more than a little scared.  More than a little nervous.  We need your support! Who is with us?  Also, you may need to pass more red, red wine to the persons…

We are in Bodega Bay, California until next Monday, and then…well…we have nowhere to go.  So…stay tuned!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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5 thoughts on “TV And Red, Red Wine

  1. Linda Allebach

    Just some thoughts: A publication like “Angie’s List” with the information you’ve gleaned from your 48 visits. A book book or electronically – making it available (for a cost of course) to local SPCA’s, Police Departments, Animal care orgs, Veterinarians. Lots of facebookers post lost or found animals and having a resource near or around them could be helpful in getting the best done for those furballs. Maybe there’s a TV venue like “Shark Tank” that would consider partnering with you to build your own organization that assists the locals. Perhaps Mark Cuban loves doggies, who knows ??? Anyway, wishing you much success in whatever your next steps are. I so LOVE your blog – keep on writing please! Thanks handsome Persons and Pooches !

  2. Jacqueline

    Oh, Precious Family, you all looked amazing on Good Morning Sacramento!!! And I’m so happy for you all, the Final Destination!!!!! And no doubt, we are ALL always with you all!!!! Love you, now go out there and enjoy!!!!! Peace and love!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  3. gretzmom

    Your TV appearance was great Digby and Brickle!! Persons too! I am so proud of you all for your journey to “Make rescues the breed of choice”!
    In these tumultuous times it is a breath of fresh air to see what the “2 traveling dogs” and their persons are up to!!

    Thank you and love to you all,

  4. Janet

    There is a boarding kennel in Murphys CA for sale. Ever thought of running a kennel? Murphys is in the Sierra foothills, quaint little town with many shops and about 38 wine tasting rooms. Yup you read it right!! Give it a thought…..

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