The Escape In State #44.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Have you ever wanted to run so far that your legs fell off?  Have you ever felt so free when you escaped from work at the end of the day or when you managed to avoid that person you didn’t want to see in the grocery store?  Well, if so, I know how you feel.  I wanted to escape this weekend from the Sheriff and chase some potato pancakes in Idaho and I managed to do so.  I was running from stuff and to dreams of potatoes, and it felt real good.  Except to Girl Person.  Idaho, state #44. The scene of an escape.

It was the start of any wonderful day.  The sun was shining.  The rain had finally stopped after a few days.  We were parked for the day which is always a plus.

I felt so good like anything was possible
I hit cruise control and rubbed my eyes
The last three days the rain was unstoppable
It was always cold, no sunshine


When you haven’t been in the sun or the grass for a long time, it sure feels good.  Sheriff Brickle and I were able to police the campground and take naps in between. All was good in our little world of Shelley, Idaho.  We had not planned on coming here, but on a holiday weekend with no camps available, it ended up working out and was just what we needed.  We were so tired from the last few days that all we could do was plop down, the persons included.  And us furkids were pretty much ok with that.

When it came time for dinner and our walk that night, we were full of all the energy that we had saved up.  Girl Person saw a prime opportunity in an abandoned, fenced in playground for us to run in.  She surveyed the perimeter with the Sheriff and it was deemed acceptable for the moment.  As she let off our leashes, we ran like the wind, I tell you.  Seems as though the only thing on the Sheriff’s mind was going insane by chasing me, and I saw it.  An opportunity to take flight.  An opportunity to chase all the potatoes I wanted to in Idaho.  And it was an opportunity I was going to take.

As Sheriff Brickle chased me, I saw the gate.  Just enough of a crack that I could push open with my big potato loving head.  Girl Person ran as fast as she could towards me, but an inch means a mile, and as she tried to grab me, it was too late.  I was out.


Was I laughing about it?  I was.  And as I ran as fast as these potato stick legs would go, Girl Person started screaming my name, Sheriff Brickle couldn’t squeeze in the gate because he is too large and in charge, and Girl Person was after me like she was chasing fresh french fries.  Did I see the busy road right there?  I have no idea, but I was not going to look back.  And I didn’t.

Right about this time, a man person that worked at the campground saw me.  He saw and heard Sheriff Brickle barking.  He saw Girl Person running down the field dropping poop bags and her phone and screaming like an insane person.  Crazy. How crazy? She might as well have had a whole cantaloupe on her head. Or potato.

As the man person ran one way, Girl Person ran the other and I saw no way out due to a stupid fence and a stupid shed, probably full of potatoes in the way.  Girl Person grabbed my harness and told me she wanted to be mad, but she was not going to be.  She got my leash, and she got Sheriff Brickle and we sat in the grass and tried to collect our crazy.  We were all exhausted, Girl Person was crying and it seemed as though my potato chasing antics were not appreciated.

As we went back to the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV, Girl Person told Boy Person what happened.  She felt bad for a few reasons.  One, that she didn’t see the danger in the gate.  And two, that she knew we needed to run more.  So the next morning, she took us to another place to run, and I remembered what had happened the day before.   You guessed it.  I tried to get out.  I seem to have a one track mind, and Girl Person knew it.  She blocked the gate and told me that I was being ridiculous.  She asked me that if we made a deal to go to the Idaho Potato Museum if I would stop it.  And it seemed fair.  Idaho seemed like a good place to chase my dreams.  But if I get to the end of the rainbow, aka the potato museum, it is a deal.  So guess where we are going later today?

You will have to watch on our Facebook page!

Now, Girl Persons says that she doesn’t know why I want to run away so bad and never look back..  She said that a lot of people would miss me if I spent the rest of my life as a potato farmer.  And truth be told, I don’t want to work for a living.

So I guess I will stop running away in Idaho.  That makes the persons happy and hopefully, Girl Person will stop staring at me and kissing me so much.

Today, we are on the road again, traveling to Island Park, Idaho.  And then on Wednesday, we will be visiting Four Paws Pet Adoption in Rexburg, Idaho as our #44 rescue pick!  We will get to meet pets like Cornelius that are up for adoption!

cornelius share 3.jpg

So are you up for the drive?  Maybe you can walk and not run….

And if you missed our Utah rescue episode with Color Country Animal Welfare in Utah, please..please.  Watch below.  They deserve a minute of your time.  And we hope that today though, you will come with us to the Idaho Potato Museum.  I can’t wait!!

-Deputy Digby Pancake


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  1. Barbara Sevrens

    What a story I am glad everything turned out ok and you got your run in. Love. These journey stories.

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