Into The Great Wide Open!

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. What a week this has been.  I have been dealing with that Depression Monster trying to get in our house on wheels all week to make Girl Person sad again. I have been dealing with a Vet Person visit, and the usual of trying to deal with all of this handsome I have to carry around.  By the way, the Vet Person said I am in perfect health, and that I am perfect.  So that is that and was expected.


When you are handsome as I am, it is hard to worry about the future because you can’t imagine what will happen if you get any handsomer on the next day of your life.  But the future is something that the persons have been discussing for weeks.  And when you have many choices, sometimes, that makes it harder.  We have the whole world open to us right now.  And yet, we are limited with money as persons usually are.  We do not regret our decision to visit 48 states and 48 rescues the past year.  But it was a lot more expensive than we could have planned for.

California which is a place we love, especially Sonoma County, was a place we wanted to stay.  But we didn’t plan for it to be so expensive.  So California?  Florida?  Europe?  What are we going to do?  Where are we going to go?

Into the great wide open
Under them skies of blue
Out in the great wide open
A rebel without a clue

Because life doesn’t wait for anyone, and because the days fly by faster than the one before, we want to get going.  When we get going, it is harder for that Depression Monster to find us.  When we sit still for too long without any direction, it always finds a way in.  Plus, we are excited that we have this opportunity without a lot of responsibilities and nothing is forever, right?  So what are we waiting for?

So.  Here it goes.  On November 1, unless a miracle happens in this Sonoma County place and a house becomes available to suit our needs and budget, we will be headed to Amelia Island, Florida, specifically Fernandina Beach.  Yes, back across the country.  Into the great wide open!

Some persons may think that we have no idea what we are doing, and those persons would be correct.


But our persons know that if we have too big of a house payment and they have to get other jobs to make that payment, they would have to leave Digby and I at home to go to their jobs.  And we would be lonely and bored.  And all of us want to stay together and they can work from home now. The persons really wanted to go to Italy or France right now.  But they realize that the trip may be too hard on us and too expensive for us now.  So if we go back to that Florida place, but in a different area than we were in before, our sense of adventure and excitement will still be there.  The ocean will be there.  Family and friends will only be four hours away.  And if we don’t like it once we get there in November?  No one is making us stay.  We will be parking the Big Blue Treat Wagon there first to make sure it is a good place for us all.  If it is, that is where we will stay for a few years.  And the persons can go to Europe later on, maybe if they find a plane where Digby and I can fly first class.  That is the only way I would fly.  Also, if something becomes available in Sonoma County, especially Bodega Bay, we can drive right back.  And we would.


If we do leave on November 1st, we will be taking our time to drive back to that Florida place.  We will be seeing some new things along the way, and who knows? Maybe we will drive thru your town.  We aren’t going to put down roots there though until we see for sure if it will work and if we can find a little house.  If it doesn’t, the future is still wide open!  Will you join us?  Do we have your support?

They moved into a place they both could afford
He found a nightclub he could work at the door
She had a guitar and she taught him some chords
The sky was the limit

We will admit that this decision is extremely hard for us and Girl Person is crying a lot.  It was our dream to come back here, and we didn’t expect to love Bodega Bay and the people here so much.  Even more than wine country, the ocean and the bay called our names louder this time around.


But the facts are the facts.  And we are going to work with what we got!  And that is a lot.  We have our whole lives ahead of us! Who knows…maybe we will be back one day.

Into the great wide open
Under them skies of blue
Into the great wide open
A rebel without a clue

We are going to make the most of every single day!  And every single day of whatever comes our way.  Will we be boring you with beach pictures everyday?  Pretty much.  But that is the way it is, and as Sheriff, you are arrested if you complain about it.  Because life is meant to be enjoyed, life is meant to be lived.  We each have our own paths and direction on where we want to go.  Are you following yours?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Thank you to Dr. T and the staff at Bodega Bay Veterinary Hospital for being amazing, loving and helpful.