Boys, I Agree…

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Sedona, Arizona?  Pancake, schmancake?  Did you know your name rhymed?  You do now.  Pancakes are always the answer to everything.  It is amazing, isn’t it? You didn’t know your name rhymed till the pancakes told ya. You. Are. Welcome.

We have traveled to 41 states so far on our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  And each place is different and special.  Like sometimes you want blueberry pancakes, sometimes you want strawberry pancakes, and sometimes you want plain pancakes with lots of syrup and without a dose of attitude from Sheriff Brickle.

But each place we have traveled to has its own special qualities and its own special vibe.  I am all about vibes.  Good vibes.  And Sedona, Arizona, pancake schmancake?  You have some good vibes.  We have never. Ever.  Seen a place like this.

Sometimes, a place literally takes your breath away.  Like overtime Sheriff Brickle looks in the mirror.  He takes his own breath away.  And as soon as we rounded the corner and caught a sight of those red rocks?  Girl Person said, “I agree boys.  This is unbelievable.


Girl Person seems to tell Boy Person a lot of things by talking to us.  And honestly.  I think she is nuts.  When she wants to go to dinner, it’s , “I agree boys.  I do need a night off from cooking.”  When she wants to go to a winery.  “I agree boys.  We do need to try a new wine.” When she wants Boy Person to take the trash out.  “I agree boys, this trash can is overflowing!”.  When she wants the air conditioning turned up, “I agree boys, it is really hot in here.” And seriously.  I agree Girl Person.  You have lost your mind for about seven years now.  I think Boy Person is on to your game.


But one thing I will agree with is that this Sedona, Arizona place has something about it.  Something that makes you want to sit for awhile and just stare.  It has something about it that calls for inspiration and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything in the world.  It makes you remember that this earth has so much to see and show us.  It brings you closer to the way the earth was intended for us to enjoy.  Your beauty agrees with you, Sedona.

As with every place on this Adventure Of A Lifetime that we have set our paws onto, you have taught us something.  Arizona is desert in one place with no dessert and rattlesnakes who take your campsite. It is a canyon filled with bubbling creeks. It is a mountain high of red rocks and colors that blow your mind.  And it is all that you can imagine, and all that you can’t.


The best places on our earth are obviously full of all you can eat pancake buffets.  But they are also full of inspiration to make you a better person or furkid.  They remind you that there is more to life than our daily problems.  They remind you that we are only a very small part of the big scheme of things, but that our presence is hugely important to make a difference when we can.  And today, we will be meeting and visiting with the good folks here in Sedona who not only have a store here called the Golden Bone, but they are operating a rescue and rehab for animals as well.  And we can’t wait to see how they can inspire us too.

Girl Person just said, “Boys, I agree.  It is time for pancakes”.  Actually, she didn’t say that, but I do agree.  Thank you Sedona.  We have a few more days here to enjoy your beauty and we can’t wait to see how you inspire us to keep going and finish our 7 more remaining states and rescues.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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5 thoughts on “Boys, I Agree…

  1. Brenda Scott Carroll

    Any chance of making the tee shirt design into a canvas bag? I am a large, very large woman and generally can’t find plus size tee shirts. How about a bandana for my Charlie to wear?

  2. Laurie Flambouras

    I live in the Phoenix area and I believe that Sedona is gorgeous. I go there at least once every year. (2 hrs from Phx). So, so beautiful. I enjoy it more than the Grand Canyon, though everyone should go there once too. Glad you are enjoying the area. Many wineries in that area too.

  3. Anne Allison

    41 States is awesome and so are you guys! What beautiful pictures of Arizona – makes me want to go there too. Happy weekend!

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