Today Is The Day!

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. And today? Today is the day. Today is the day for a lot of things and you are going to come with us. Are you ready? We are back on the road this afternoon! We finally have to start heading out of this New Mexico place to the Arizona place. But since it is a long drive, we are headed to a camp in-between tonight. Then, we will head out again on Monday when we will officially be in a new state if all goes well. And it better.


But today. Today is when I want you to listen to me. We want to say a proper thank you to New Mexico. Because it taught us so much, and we hope that you can learn from it too.



This trip has opened our eyes to how much we don’t know. It seems like the more we learn, the more we find out that we know absolutely nothing. Many persons ask us why we pick such odd places to visit on this Adventure Of A Lifetime. But what makes a place odd? Because it is unfamiliar? We think that the unfamiliar gives us a chance to learn. And such was the place with New Mexico.


One of the places that has touched us most of all is somewhere that we are leaving today. Cochiti Pueblo. Now. We have been to some remote areas. We have been to some monetarily poor areas. And this area may be both of those things. But what the people taught us here will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Many years ago, a boy from Cochiti was on a show called Sesame Street.

And it made us think. How many people even know about Cochiti?  How many other areas have we never heard of?


Cochiti made us realize more than ever the importance of love. Of simply getting along with other cultures, backgrounds and people. Do you remember the animal rescuers we met here too? Thank you, Desert Paws Animal Rescue Of New Mexico!  For all that they do here in Cochiti and other pueblos and for the animals there, they deserve our thanks.

For us, Cochiti was a place we never thought that we would visit.  If not for this trip, we would have not saw the Tent Rocks of New Mexico.


We would have never saw the beauty of Santa Fe.


We also would have never realized how little we know about our country…about our earth and about all of the different people and animals that share it with us.  Just as they may not know of us, our background and our lives, we do not know of theirs.  But all of our lives are valuable and worth knowing about.  If we spent every day traveling to a new place, we would never know all there is to learn.  And that is ok.  Kinda like if you stared at me, you would never see or be able to comprehend my full beauty. But today is the day where you can start.  And the fun is that there will never be an end to our knowledge, just like my beauty.


With more knowledge of others and how they live, we will gain more patience, more understanding and more acceptance.  And with that knowledge, for us on this trip, we hope to use it to teach others how important it is to adopt animals, to help them, to love them and to value them, just as we value the people we meet.  It all goes hand in hand and paw to paw.


Now.  What else did New Mexico teach us?  That even for a place with so much areas of desert, there are streams, there are waterfalls and there is beauty beyond what is seen on the surface.  Girl Person even conquered her fear of heights to take a quick hike at Bandelier National Monument.  Yes, in her drug store shoes.  She really needs to take care of this.

The persons had to hurry, because they didn’t allow dogs there, but it was ok, because we needed a break from the sun. And they learned even more about New Mexico that they didn’t know.

When we started this trip, we knew it would be hard.  We knew it would take a toll on us emotionally.  And yes, we knew we would learn.  But we could have never imagined just how much we have learned, not only about animal rescue, but about people too.  And if we are to help the animals out there, we have to learn about the people and also teach them how to value animals.  Because we can all learn from each other. Like you can learn how bad a dog can smell from Deputy Digby.

So make today the day.  Make it about learning and helping someone or something.  And just as you learn from others, they will learn about you. And maybe.  Just maybe.  Today will be the start of something good for everyone that tries.

Arizona?  We are on our way! Let’s do this!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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One thought on “Today Is The Day!

  1. Jacqueline

    Amazing pictures, and videos and YAY, a beautiful pic of The Persons!!! Awesome!!! And Girl Person, wow, I am truly terrified of heights as well, good for you, I really don’t know how you did it!! I went rock climbing in upstate New York, and I could go up, but then I was stuck for hours because was too petrified to go back down!! Awesome, what a great place!!! I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves as much as you did, and taught all of us a mountain of things too, THANK YOU!!!!
    Safe travels, happy trails and can’t wait to see what you show us next!!!
    Much love to you all!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo <3

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