Everybody’s Workin For The Weekend. Except Digby.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I have heard it said before that everyone is working for the weekend. Well, every day is the weekend to me. Yet, working is not for me.

Since Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle decided he wanted to take the day off yesterday, I thought that fair was fair. When I thought about how far we have to go to reach Arizona, it made me tired. And hungry. And well, I thought to myself that I wanted the day off too.

The persons actually listened to me after the Sheriff briefed them on the situation. What’s the situation? That I am tired and hungry. And so. They decided to give us another day off before we head to the Arizona place tomorrow. Now. You may be thinking to yourself. Why are they stalling? Well you try driving to 40 states and visiting 40 rescues in a eleven months and see how tired you get!

Arizona may be calling our name. But so is happy. And right now, you know what? We are all really happy and really enjoying the last few weeks of this Adventure Of A Lifetime! I have been trying to get the persons to see how to live “Digby Pancake Style”. And it took them eleven months. But they finally came around.

What is “Digby Pancake Style”? Eat, sleep, hike, repeat. Pancakes in-between all. Naps in-between all. Even a nap in-between the eat and sleep. Also, we are in New Mexico, so a siesta too. Plus, you don’t worry about tomorrow. You only care about this minute and maybe dinner time. Or lounging around with the persons after their dinnertime when it is wine time.


If you live your day today “Digby Pancake Style”, you may not get much done.  You may not feel so accomplished at the end of the day.  But I can guarantee that you will feel rested for your day tomorrow.  I constantly feel refreshed because it is my style.  Which gives me time to harass the Sheriff now and then. And to eat my ice cream cone first bahaha!!

So.  Everybody is working for the weekend?  How about working to make every single day worth being happy about?  If you just wait to let loose when you are supposed to, like everyone else, isn’t that just…well…boring?  I say if you are a person that you take a random “Digby Pancake Style” day now and then.  Do something that you really want to do.  And then do it again.  Because you won’t remember that you did if it is truly my style.  I seem to forget a lot of things, like not eating poop on the trails, or rolling in it.  But that is my style.


Everyone! Have a good day today and we promise…Friday is the day we are headed to Arizona.  We will have one stop in another New Mexico camp because it is a long drive.  And we are still trying to decide where to go in Arizona.  The Grand Canyon is a stop for sure. But maybe Sedona too?  Oh, and don’t forget, we need suggestions on an Arizona rescue to visit from our fans! That is what the persons told me.  Although it is my day off and they should not be bothering me with such matters.  I am ready to start my day off now. “Digby Pancake Style”.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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3 thoughts on “Everybody’s Workin For The Weekend. Except Digby.

  1. Jacqueline

    I love the new t-shirts and I love love LOVE that your family is just taking your time!!! Who cares if this last stretch lasts longer than you anticipated? All that matters is happiness, health and safety, for all of you!! Especially when you’re enjoying yourselves so much!! You really pushed it in the beginning and then Girl Person was getting hurt, boy person had headaches and you boys weren’t feeling so well either, stuff was breaking down. Please, take all the time you need, especially since you don’t have your next rescue scheduled yet. Please, take care of you all, that’s all that’s important.
    Love you all, have fun, relax and ENJOY!!! Peace to you Family!!! xoxoxoxox <3

  2. Barb Romick

    Be sure to drive through the Painted Desert on your way to the Grand Canyon. Oh, and don’t forget the Petrified Forest

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