I’m A Natural Actual Real Authentical Arkansas Lovin’ Man…Yes I Am

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Finally.  Finally.  I can say it.  Welcome to this Arkansas place.  We made it .  Even after bad weather and a broken down Big Blue Treat Wagon RV and a broken down shower.  Yeah, you probably didn’t know about that.  I’ll get to that later. The important thing?  I am in Arkansas.  Get ready, ladies.

The Johnny Cash guy? Yeah, he was from this Arkansas place. But apparently, he knew I was going to visit here one day and wrote a song just about me.

I’ve made quite a name for myself the girls know who I am
I’m a natural actual real authentical Arkansas lovin’ man yes I am
Now in every little town that I’ve been in the story is the same
The girls all keep on a hangin’ around playin’ them lovin’ games

How did he know my problems with traveling?  It does seem that every town I arrive in, the girls are just hankering for the hotness of Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Usually, I can fend them off, but now…we are in Hot Springs.  My hotness combined with the hotness of the springs is enough to send the girls in a tail spin, and a short one at that, since my tail is no longer than a corn dog.

But sometimes I wish them women folks would leave this old boy alone
I’ve thought about catchin’ that next Greyhound back to my Arkansas home
But there ain’t no use in kiddin’ myself I like the way I am
I’m a natural actual real authentical Arkansas lovin’ man

Now. You may argue that I am in fact not from this Arkansas place, so the song is probably just a coincidence of my quandary.  True, true.  As Sheriff, I arrest myself for taking away Johnny Cash’s lyrics. But if the shoe fits…

Some men were born in poverty some were born with wealth
I was born a lovin’ man and I just can’t help myself
The women have all made over this old boy ever since I was born
That’s why these old Arkansas travelin’ shoes are so well worn

I was definitely born in poverty.  Definitely have many women making over me.  And you know I travel.  But shoes? No one in this RV has any shoes worth speaking of and Girl Person doesn’t even have a new pair yet since hers were stolen.  But the song still fits because I am in Arkansas this week, I am looking forward to the lovin’ coming my way, and definitely, definitely, we are looking forward to seeing what this National Park is all about.

I’m not sure how this is all going to work out.  My hotness combined with the hot springs while playing Johnny Cash may simply be too much.  Too much.  So we are going to ease into our time here.  Today we will be visiting with the Animal Welfare League Of Hot Springs Village.  They will be telling us how they make a difference for animals in Arkansas, so look for our video and fun article on Sunday.  We will be showing you what this National Park has to offer, then, we will be going to a different part of Arkansas early next week where we will be digging for diamonds.  You heard me.  This is going to be Digby’s assignment, obviously.

So everyone? Are you ready for a great week in Arkansas? You may notice our schedule is going to change a bit since we got held up in Louisiana. We want to devote a full week here in this great state, so stick with us.  And get ready.  IF you can handle it.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Our featured animal today for Arkansas is at the Animal Welfare League Of Hot Springs Village.  Meet Laney.

Laney Share 3.jpg

Laney is an 8 month old, Australian cattle dog./blue heeler mix. She is a medium sized beauty, weighing in at about 45 pounds.
This girl has lots of energy, so she will need an active family to ensure she gets lots of exercise. This will be easy since she walks so well on a leash! Laney is sweet, playful, house and crate trained, and ADORABLE!!!
Now, we all have our preferences, right? Laney’s preference would be to be in a cat-free house.🐶
Are you visualizing daily walks, enjoying natures beauty, with this great dog? If so, then please go to www.hsvawl.org and complete a dog adoption application.

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