And Well, That’s Just The Way It Is.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Ok ladies and gentlemen with paws and without paws.  The time has arrived again to get back on the road to that Arkansas place.  You know, the place we were already supposed to be in on Monday until the bad weather came and diverted us to another part of this Louisiana place.  But now, the bad weather is gone, we are all packed up, and it is time to get this handsome to another state.  We are late, late, late. And well, that’s just the way it is.

We decided to spend our last day in this Louisiana place doing something special.  Sometimes, we don’t tell you every problem we encounter on the road.  But a when we feel that we can help others by our problems, we do.  None of us are perfect, not even me all the time.  And well, that’s just the way it is.  What do I mean by this? Follow me on this.


Here it goes.  I have a story for you.  When I was a puppy, some two legged little persons decided that my corn dog tail would be fabulous to pull on.  And ever since then, I have not been partial to small persons running up to me uninvited.  If I meet them on my terms, it is fine by me. Am I high maintenance in this regard?  Yes, I am.  And well, that’s just the way it is.  But on our trip, many camping two legged small persons have ran up to us without asking and have made me want to arrest them on the spot.  A Sheriff means business.  That well, that’s just the way it is.


So, Girl Person decided that it was our job, yeah, another job, great….to educate children on how and IF to approach a dog.  How to ask if they can pet us or if it is ok to come up to us.  Cracks me up how simple of a thing this should be, but some children have not been taught to do so.  Not everyone is as sweet as Deputy Digby Pancake.  Sometimes you have a little hot sauce like me, and I can be spicy.

So since we had a little extra time yesterday, we filmed a little video with some people called the Pet Education Project.  So look for it soon.  And if you don’t like puppets, you are out of luck.  And well, that’s just the way it is.

Does Girl Person like people knowing I am moody or that I am not the friendliest all the time to everyone?  No, but facts are facts, and as Sheriff, this is a fact.  If we can help one child not get bitten by our video, or one dog not to have to be taken to a shelter, that is what we will do and we put our pride aside.  Not everyone is perfect, not even me all the time.  Most of the time…just not all of the time.  We are all perfect though in different ways.  Digby may want to lick kids, but his breath will scare them away.  I may not want to lick kids, but my beauty can be gazed at from afar.

Does Girl Person love me any less for my quirks? No, she does not.  Because she says that all of us have likes and dislikes.  She says that it must be hard for dogs because we can’t say what we like and don’t and only know certain ways to show it.  Yeah, that’s my excuse.  Did I mention hot sauce?

So.  With a heart full of love for Louisiana and a desire to help more animals in this Arkansas place at AWL we hit the road again today.  We hope you will come with us.  Actually, I am neutral on that, but I was told to say it.  And well, that’s just the way it is.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

If you are in Arkansas, make sure you scroll down to the bottom of this page for an awesome adoptable furkid!
It is time to change your thinking on how you clean your dog.  Organic is always best…and we thank 4-Legger for their support on our Adventure Of A Lifetime! Like them on Facebook today and show your thanks too for all of their rescue donations!




Please say hello to pretty Gia! Gia is a 10 month old, medium size, (she weighs about 38 pounds) shepherd, and what a brave girl she is. It is a bit hard to focus on writing about Gia, we just want to keep staring at that sweet face!!!!!
Gia was surrendered to AWL after she was hit by a car and her owner could not pay for her medical care. Gia’s injuries were significant enough to require an amputation of one of her legs.
Well, as you can see from her photos, she has adjusted very well after her surgery! In her precious doggie heart and soul, she certainly does not seem to see herself as having any physical challenges! She runs and plays, and just displays the cutest dog smile!
If you are moved by Gia’s bravery and think that she may be the perfect new addition to your family, please go to and complete the dog adoption application.

One thought on “And Well, That’s Just The Way It Is.

  1. Jacqueline

    This is absolutely BRILLIANT! Because Sheriff, even if you hadn’t gone through the little two-leggers pulling on your tail (I’m so sorrowful for that, you Pristine Boy!!! ) PEOPLE also don’t always want to engage in …… (fill in the blanks). It goes both ways. I’ll put it this way: I used to be a Deputy Digby Pancake, and now I’m 100% a Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Life teaches you things, and changes who you are and how you approach things. But everybody doesn’t know this. It’s not their fault, anymore than it’s ours. You Live, You Learn. I love that you are teaching these things to the ones that may not be aware.
    Again, much love to you all, safe travels, and Carry On, you Wise Ones!!!! xoxoxox <3 <3

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