Well, Louisiana. It’s Not Saturday Night But We Don’t Care.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Well.  Louisiana?  I would arrest you for making us stay, but I will instead be arresting that Arkansas place before we even get there instead.  Seems as though Arkansas set you up, Louisiana.  Seems as though Arkansas is trying to evade the law by causing tornadoes to keep us out.  We got on the road, but it wasn’t our planned destination.

We decided to stay in this Louisiana place till Wednesday.  Girl Person and Boy Person said that we were too precious to them to take a chance. Are we sad about that?  Well, no.  Because that just means that we get to see more of Louisiana.  No, it’s not Saturday night.  But we still are gonna make the best of it!

Every time we turn around, there is a surprise around the corner.  Kind of like when you think Deputy Digby can’t stink anymore, there he is around that corner with another cloud of stench.  Or like when you think you can’t get any more good looking and you look in the mirror and realize you are hotter than five minutes ago.  Another surprise.


We decided to head to somewhere in Louisiana called Lake Binisteau.  This definitely was not the hot springs of Arkansas like we thought we were going to.


But doesn’t it have its own beauty?  Sure, some people may have been disappointed, but we definitely were not. Some may say that it looks scary, or dirty or too green.  Some may say that it looks like there are alligators in there.  But really though, isn’t that what makes it beautiful?


Girl Person says that every place has its own unique beauty, and we should never compare it to another, just like we should not do that with animals, or even people.  What do I mean?  I know I am rambling here, but follow me on this one.

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Being negative is an easy thing to do.  I know, I am a Sheriff.  But putting labels on things, or even people can be damaging.  Because we all are unique.  We all matter.  Every animal has a story of what makes them who they are.  Every person has a story of what made them who they are.  It is our duty to show appreciation for differences and therefore beauty. Louisiana taught us that.  How?  The things that we feel make it beautiful are maybe the things others may think are not like the green waters or the muddy Mississippi River. The people that live here are proud of these things because that is what makes their home state unique.

It’s not Saturday night.  But what makes Tuesday any less awesome?  We aren’t in Arkansas yet.  But what makes Louisiana less awesome? Nothin!  So let’s enjoy our last day (again) in this Louisiana place.  Arkansas will be here before we know it.  Wednesday in fact.

No, this detour was not on our schedule.  And truth be told, at the beginning of this trip, that would have really bothered us.  But we have learned to go with the flow, even if it is on  the green waters of Louisiana.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

P.S. We want to give a big thanks for the people and animals at the Animal Welfare League in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas for allowing us to reschedule our visit with them this week to Thursday.  They are truly special people, and so desperately want to find a good home for Mallory who has been with them for far too long.

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Mallory has seen many dogs and cats adopted, but she still sits waiting for her forever family.  She is four years old and a shepherd and hound mix.  We love her.  Please consider adding her to your family. Contact them today!!

Call (501) 915-9337


2 thoughts on “Well, Louisiana. It’s Not Saturday Night But We Don’t Care.

  1. Jacqueline

    I loved the videos from ALL of it, and Lake Bistineau??? I loved it!!! But, I also love being creeped out, so, there’s that! I would have love/hate-d sleeping near that, just because my mind would have wandered!!!! All part of loving being “creeped-out!!!”
    P.S. I haven’t heard that Mel McDaniel song since I was a 14 yr.old at a northern woods Wisconsin party I wasn’t supposed to be at, so that was a super fun memory!!!
    P.P.S. I wish I was hotter everytime I looked in the mirror, Sheriff, and my best friend as well is like the cloud of stench around every corner, but I have a Sheriff’s nose, much to my chagrin.
    Love you all!!! xoxoxoxo <3

  2. Barbara

    Wise move! Storms can get really crazy when it is so warm this time of year….hope you make it to Texas soon! We will be watching for y’all!

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