Like A Horror Movie

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Ok, first things first. I know you are wondering how I am, so I will let you know that I am still dealing with an on the job injury. Girl Person says that with age comes a few more aches and pains. I am attempting to arrest the injury, but in my past experience, I realize it may be a few more days until the sentence is handed down. I have been instructed to use my worker’s comp and rest up so that I am ready to continue our Adventure Of A Lifetime. Currently, our departure from this Florida place is set for Wednesday, but the persons have let me and the Deputy know that if we have to delay, we will, in order to make sure we are all feeling ok to continue. I will keep you up to date. Now. For the blog. Thank you for your patience. As Sheriff, business is first.

In our attempt to continue our rescue journey, we thought easing back into the camping lifestyle again would be a good idea for us all. It has been about five weeks that we have been on our break, and we have become a little, well, too clean perhaps. It was time to get dirty again and so on Saturday, we headed out in our Big Blue Treat Wagon to a campground near by.

Sometimes, you forget about things you want to forget about. Girl Person says it is like that with campground showers. Yes, our shower is finally fixed in the Big Blue Treat Wagon, but when you are in an RV, you can’t use as much water as you want to because that means you have to empty it out, which means you have to move your RV and it is a big pain in the butt. So the persons decided it would be easier to just go use the showers at camp. After all, there should be hot water and lots of it…and that was something to look forward to because this Florida place was having a cold snap.

As Girl Person got into the shower, the first thing she noticed was that she was in a horror movie. Yes, this was the first thing, there was no question. No nice movie would have a dirty diaper in the shower, or mud or a broken handle. This was not really a good thing in fact. So much so that she put her clothes back on, when in retrospect should have been done after the shower situation was surveyed. But as Sheriff, I am on worker’s comp and off duty so I could not intervene.

After gagging, she decided to try another shower, and it was not such a bad horror movie as there was no dirty diaper, but unfortunaately, you cannot have everything in life, and this shower had a lack of hot water. However, the choice was clear, this probably was the best choice in the situation. She wanted to scream as this was a horror movie, but decided just to be a big Girl Person with her big girl pants on, but she had none on, and so she got as clean as possible and waited for Boy Person to finish his shower. That did not take long either, because he had no hot water, although a lack of dirty diapers. He was the clear winner.

Now, when you camp for awhile, you learn to make adjustments. But you learn to try and find a solution as well. Girl Person decided to go see if all the other shower buildings in the campground were this much of a horror. She decided to try, because, well, what was there to lose? Well, she did not anticipate the long, dark walk to the shower in this Florida place swamp with many things in the woods. Although her imagination was running wild like a Girl Person with big girl pants not on, the anticipation of a good shower was all worth it.


You may be wondering.  Well, how was the shower?  Oh, let me tell ya.  This shower was hot and lovely and no dirty diapers and all was well in the world.  There were some more people in the showers in the next stalls, but Girl Person tuned them out and thanked her lucky Florida stars that she wasn’t freezing.  Then.  The lights went out.

When I say the lights went out, I mean…the lights went out y’all.  Everyone screamed, no one could see and no one offered to go find some lights.  Because no one had pants on probably.  Girl Person tried to lighten up the situation by saying that it was like a horror movie.  The naked person in the next stall said, well, she wasn’t getting out and finding lights and Girl Person said she would save the day.  She decided that since it was dark, no one could see she that had no pants on and ran for the lights which apparently were on a timer for environmental sake.  Not for horror movie sake. Not for Girl Person’s sake and or dignity.

Girl Person says welcome back to camping.  I say welcome back to living.  It’s this kinda stuff that makes me forget I have a hurt leg.  And when you are on mandatory rest, you need your entertainment.

Have a great day everyone.  I will be supervising and Deputy Digby is bringing me reports of what I don’t see, but if anyone has no pants on, I particularly don’t want to know as there is enough of that here. So don’t try and get away with anything.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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  1. Oh know you poor thing (but it is hilarious!!) we love your blog and want to follow it, but we don’t see follow by email. Please ask the girl-person to add it, we don’t “do” blogs in our reader. Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  2. Anne AllisonAnne Allison

    Dear all of you – sounds like a horror movie to me! Hope that by Wednesday you are all feeling better!

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