Wide Open Spaces

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  I have a question. Why is it so easy to say hello but so  hard to say goodbye?  Why is it so easy to think about home, but so hard to leave it?


We struck out on a trip that many thought we were crazy to do, and I guess we were…and crazy to finish it.  Here we are…at the safety of home.  Yet we are leaving again to finish our 14 remaining states and rescues.  And we thought twice about leaving.  Especially since we had to say goodbye to Gandma and Gandpa yesterday and Girl Person’s best friend person.

Wide open spaces seem to be calling us.  They seem to be calling our hearts and our help is needed for these rescues around the country…so we have to go.  But no one ever said it was easy.

There may be things about your home that you don’t particularly care for.  But what if you had to leave it forever?  Would you miss the signs with your home city’s name on it?  Would you miss the people you know?  Would you miss the familiarity?


That is how we feel this week.  Adventure may be calling our names, but so are memories.  So are special people that care about us and wish the best for us.  We are no different than you.  So bear with us as we are a little melancholy.  Since I always look like this, you may not notice much of a difference.



Home is a place many people try to leave. Home is a place many people try to go back to .  For us, we don’t know where we want to be yet after our adventure.  What we do know is that the people that call this Florida place home are people we love and that we will miss.  So packing up is such sweet sorrow.


But we have to finish. We have to do this.  And we thank you for doing along with us.  Just a few more days and we are back on the road.  We can do this.  I think. Wide open spaces.  Here we come.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle




3 thoughts on “Wide Open Spaces

  1. Jill

    Home is where your heart is. After you finish this wonderful adventure, your heart will lead you home, wherever it might be. Safe travels. We’ll be thinking of you and will continue to follow your journey.

  2. Patricia Miser

    Boys, it’s okay if you change your mind! It’s okay if you decide to stay in that Florida place with your family and friends. Maybe Deputy needs to be near his Dr Person and that’s okay! Maybe you’ve already had the adventure of a lifetime! It’s all in what the persons decide! We will love you no matter what you decide.

  3. Lori tharp

    Safe travels and going home after the 14 States will be well deserved. Home is where family and friends are. Home is why you are missing it before leaving. Home is where you will look forward to when the last of the 14 states are done after your visit. Home is the feeling of excitement as you see the signs that tell you that you are almost there. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe. ❤

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