I Got To Keep On Movin’!

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Oh, what a glamorous life I lead.  Not really, but I seem to enjoy it.  I have gotten used to this traveling thing.  And when the persons started packing up the Big Blue Treat Wagon yesterday, well, I kinda got a little bit excited.  So excited that I decided to take another ride to get me motivated!

We know that our fans are ready to get on the road with us too, but we have had a good time in this Florida place the last few weeks. We feel kinda like my Granny Person felt.  She said that sometimes, you can see everything wrong with where you live and can’t wait to get away from it…like when you are on vacation.  But when you come back home, you wonder what you ever saw wrong with it in the first place because you missed it so bad.

We sure seemed to remember the good things here like the beach and the sunshiney.  And we will miss it when we pull out of here on the road.  BUT, we are real excited about the next few months left on our Adventure Of A Lifetime, because there are 14 more states and 14 more rescues that need us to visit!  And I feel like these are going to be the best weeks ever of this trip.  We have our groove on, we know what we are supposed to do, and we may never get this chance again.  So.  Although we are going to miss this Florida place, we got to keep on movin’!

Now for the housekeeping stuff.  We can’t find no dern tires to fit on this Big Blue Treat Wagon.  So we will keep you up to date.  Plan is to pull out of our camping spot here in the woods on Friday or Saturday morning.  Depends on which tire place Sheriff Brickle arrests first.

Have a great day everyone and keep on movin’!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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