While You See A Chance…Take It.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. This Florida place is starting to pull on our heart strings again, because we know our time is running out here. When you know your time is limited, sometimes, you start to notice the little things, don’t you? Whether it’s a loved one that you are about to be separated from, a house, a place, or even your supply of peanut butter cookies, it makes you appreciate things that you may not have noticed before. Whatever it is that you will be missing, notice the little things. While you have a chance…while you see a chance…take it.

Yesterday, as we were on our hike, Girl Person remarked that the leaves were surely glistening extra shineily that morning in this Florida place. Shineily is a word. Look it up in our dictionary, because you won’t find it anywhere else probably.


Then, as we continued on our hike, we all started thinking about all the little things we were going to miss at the end of this week when we leave. The palm trees, the pine trees, the green grass, the orange grove, the sunshiney and yes, more sunshiney.

Stand up in a clear blue morning
Until you see
What can be


When you are in a place for a long time, you take for granted the good things about it because you see it every day.  That’s how it was for us in this Florida place.  We also miss  people and furkids that are no longer here and hope that we noticed the little things about them when they were here so that we never forget them.  And we won’t.

When some cold tomorrow finds you,
When some sad old dream reminds you
How the endless road unwinds you ?

So, for the next few days, we WILL be noticing…while we have a chance.  What can YOU notice in your life today? Even the gandparents are getting in on this.  They have to remember how handsome I am for when we leave.  Its a lot to take in.


Try this for me. Pick up a leaf and see the beautiful ways that leaf adds to the world.  How did it get on the ground? What journey did it take?  Listen to the wind.  What is it carrying with it?  Memories of your childhood home or a relative long forgotten?  Memories of a furkid you had when you were a kid, or that special pie you crave sometimes when you think about your grandmother?  We all have something special to remember and notice today.  As Sheriff, that is my assignment to you.  And you know what will happen if you don’t do as you are told.  Appreciate that.

While you see a chance take it,
Find romance fake it
Because it’s all on you


Some persons wait to appreciate life until it is too late.  Don’t do that.  We know that coming back to this Florida place on a break from our Adventure Of A Lifetime taught us many things.  Like how we missed it, how new memories can be made, and what we may bring back to it when we are finished exploring.  But for our remaining days here, we hope you will enjoy what we have to show you about the place we call home.  And wherever your home is, we hope you will take time this week to enjoy it too.  While you see a chance…take it.  We never know what tomorrow brings.  Except more handsome.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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5 thoughts on “While You See A Chance…Take It.

  1. Maggie Bafalon

    I can hear your sadness and remember the feeling from my own long trip. I cried almost every time I left a visit with one of my friends. Just becsuse…you never know when or if you’ll be together again.

    I want to remind you all that CA is ahead of you. Please take advantage of some of the many photos on my FB page that show off at least San Francisco and Sonoma. I’m just waiting to offer you a chance to be welcomed (by me) and shown around this sunshine place. Take heart. CA here you come!!!

  2. Patricia Moller

    Every day I try to notice and remember things that were so special to me. My husband and how caring he was and how much he loved his dogs, trains and puzzles. Kids and all dogs loved him. I remember my mom and dad and the love they always gave to us. My dad made the best stuffed peppers. They were the best parents and grandparents ever. I’ve tried to be like them with my kids and grandkids. I remember my Oliver and Samantha the cutest little poodles who
    were such a huge part of our family with their love and sweetness for us and everyone who visited. I love watching the change of seasons in NE the journey that a leaf or a flower takes. I love the ocean and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. God has made many miracles for us to enjoy and appreciate and hopefully take of. I love your little family and look for your blog every day. As you said we can’t take things for granted and I’ve learned over the years home is where you make it. It’s the people and pets you leave behind that makes you homesick not the house. Love and family makes the home. I’m wishing you a safe trip, you will see awesome sights during these last 14 state visits. Love you Brickle and Digby too !

  3. Karen Hampton

    Perfectly stated, Sheriff…I believe, if POSSIBLE,you are looking even MORE HANDSOME!!! And Digby, he looks a bit more ‘ buff’……you better keep an eye on HIM, the ladies will be noticing…..yes, your observations & excellent blogging skills, make you a true Renaissance Sheriff!!!! Love, memories & safe/no motor vehicle dramas ahead, loves!!! ❤️🚐🐶🐺🙏🏼 ‘Grammy in Michigan’💋

  4. Rose Runge

    Thank you Sheriff. Yes, I remember the custard pie grandma made. I’ve seen the leaf and heard the wind . I will always remember Babe and Indie and today, I will always remember the lessons you remind me to remember.

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