A Pancake Mechanic And A Stalker Sheriff Looking For Work

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I thought this Florida place break was supposed to be a break! But it seems like Boy Person is working more now than we were on the road. And that’s working very hard. I would think that the persons would ask me and Sheriff Brickle to help them. But they think they can get it all done by themselves!

Yesterday, all of the things we have that have wheels here seemed to break.  First, the Jeep decided that it would leak as much oil as syrup on a pancake.  Then, Boy Person saw that the Big Blue Treat Wagon tires were bad…worse than four burnt pancakes, and that my friends is bad.  I guess traveling to 34 states will do that to tires.


My suggestion as a trained Pancake Mechanic was to replace those tires, but with pancakes.  You see, when they go bad, you can take them off, eat them, and then get four more new pancakes.  And you don’t even mind when you get a flat, because that is what pancakes are supposed to be anyway.  Why Boy Person had to call a million places to ask them about tires was beyond me.  Just go buy some flour and get to flipping!

Then, after he was done calling places to see how much money it would cost, he decided to take apart the Jeep and find out why oil was going everywhere.  Seems like we are wearing everything out on this trip.  So my suggestion was to replace the oil leaking with maple syrup, then I will get underneath and catch what drips.  Then, I can go check the RV tires which I am sure will be bad and change them too.  I went to school for many years to train as a Pancake Mechanic, but I have never been able to put my skills to good use.  Anyone need a good Pancake Mechanic? Send them my way.  I am sure you know what I charge.

Girl Person needed help yesterday too, but it was the Sheriff who was trying to assist her.  Girl Person was complaining about bills and reports and more reports and emails.  So the Sheriff decided that if he stared at her to remind her of the shortage of peanut butter cookies in this place since our diet started, that she would forget about her work.  Anyone in need of a stalker with a hankering for peanut butter cookies?  I am sure you know what he charges too, which includes an arrest report for free.


It feels like we have been back in this Florida place for awhile now because well, we have.  And we appreciate your patience.  I don’t know if we are gonna get out of here on time this week, but the good thing is, we are on no one’s schedule except our own, and the Sheirff’s.  So bear with us as we get everything in perfect order, including ourselves for the rest of our adventure.  We promise it will be worth the wait.  Oh, and if you need me or Brickle’s services, you know how to reach us.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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3 thoughts on “A Pancake Mechanic And A Stalker Sheriff Looking For Work

  1. Mary McNew

    The states aren’t going anywhere and, hey, maybe if you wait a bit you won’t freeze while you’re out and about. Happy days guys!

  2. Jacqueline

    Yes, please, do not go until everything is straight, so you’re not out there in really DIRE straights.
    And GP, I believe The Sheriff *winked* at you while he stalked, as if to say “You got this, Mom.” These are universal signs that it’s not time to go yet. Much love to you all and fingers crossed on “the fixing.” You can’t rush perfection, 2 Traveling Dogs, you know this. Be safe and well. xoxoxo

  3. Laurel Dorr

    TAKE YOUR TIME!!! Get that BBTW all fixed up, as well as the Jeep. Luckily they’re puking and limping when you’re surrounded with family and friends.

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