I Feel Good

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Oh, what a great time we are having in this Florida place. We know things have pretty much been boring watching us stay in one place for so long. But our rest time is drawing to a close and we really needed it to continue our trip healthy and happy. This is our last week in the Florida place because we are leaving next Monday, January 23rd. It is going to take us about a week to reach that Mississippi place because we are going to drive pretty slow. Slower than molasses. Slower than thick maple syrup dripping down a pancake. Deputy Digby Pancake told me to mention pancakes because we haven’t had any on this diet so far. Girl Person says that once we get back on track to feeling better that we can have more treats in moderation. I have never been good with moderation. You can’t moderate my handsome. You can’t moderate my charm. And you certainly can’t moderate a craving for peanut butter cookies and pancakes.


One thing that I will admit besides the fact that I am the most handsome dog in the world is the fact that we are feeling real good on our new diet. I have to thank the Deputy for having Girl Person take him to that Vet Person so we could feel better. This diet is giving us all kinds of energy. Imagine mixing all this handsome with energy. It is enough to make you go crazy. And that is what has happened. Deputy Digby and I have went crazy. We like to pull Girl Person more, and we like to “feel our oats” since we aren’t eating any oats and yes. Yes, we are making the Persons go crazy trying to keep up with us. I feel good! So good, so good.  I got you. And my handsome. It’s a good combination.  Like peanut butter and jelly.


Feeling good is something that most of us take for granted until you don’t feel good anymore.  If there are changes that you can make for the better, do it!  Today is Monday and Monday is always a good day to change!  So is Tuesday, so is Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  I want you to be with us forever too, so please take care of you, your furkids and you again.  I highly doubt and most probably know that you are not as good looking as me.  But putting that aside, you have the potential to arrest whatever is holding you back from feeling good too! Whether that be food or drink (wine is not included in this says Girl Person) or going to a Vet Person or People Vet.


Because I am feeling so good and most certainly as handsome as ever, me and Deputy Digby Pancake have been invited to a pawty today on our family’s farm to meet our newest family member, Beasley!  She is a rescue girl…hear she is pretty, and well, we will see how this goes! Do you want to meet her?  Today is going to be a great day! I feel it just as I feel this Florida sunshiney beating down on my corndog tail.  Now.  I have to prepare my handsome to meet Beasley.  Middle name Anne.  Can you imagine? She doesn’t have a name with food in it.  This is going to be interesting.

We still have a week left in this Florida place to see more friends, family and places.  Let’s do this!  We are going to soak it all up.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Meet the newest, donating company on our Adventure Of A Lifetime, The Biscuit Barkery of Northern Colorado!  They have so generously donated pounds and pounds of treats to the remaining 14 rescues on our trip!  Find out more about them at www.nocobarkery.com

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  1. Anne Allison

    Who couldn’t love a girl with Anne as a name! Looking forward to meeting Beasley Anne. Pleased to hear you are both feeling better – take care in your last week in Florida xxx

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