They Say You Can’t Go Home Again. You Can, But It May Have Changed.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  We have less than a week now left in this Florida place before we get back on the road.  We are trying to fix some remaining Big Blue Treat Wagon problems, make sure we see all of our family and friends, and get some more rest in-between all of that. The time has flown by, almost like when I look at myself in the mirror.  It just seems to go by so fast when you are having fun.

People say that you can’t go home again.  And in many ways, I guess that is true.  Because when you leave home and come back, it probably will have changed in some ways. In the eight months since we left on our Adventure Of A Lifetime, many things have changed in our Florida place home. Because our family still lives next door to our old house, we see it out there in the orange grove.  In some ways, it is comforting to remember old times, like when Granny Person was there.  In some ways, it is a lot to handle.  We know it isn’t our home anymore, and that it is just a building.  We have to remember memories live with us.  Not in a place.  We also have to remember that there are new persons living there and I guess staring at their house may be frowned upon.  No worries, persons.  We are law enforcement. We used to pawtrol these parts. I do the arresting around here.  Not you.  If you call the law, I’ll pick up the phone.


During our time on the road in the Big Blue Treat Wagon, we changed.  We saw many people, places, rescues and furkids that we can never forget.  It changed us.  And so when we came back to this Florida place, it was hard to get readjusted. Things had changed…not only us, because time changes a lot of things.  Time can add things to a place like new houses and stores and roads. But time can remove things too like people and furkids you love. Sometimes things are too hard to talk about, and you simply just can’t...even when your life has been an open blog like ours. But we couldn’t ignore all the messages and emails any longer. You may be wondering why we haven’t visited Leroy (not Brown). We heard your questions.  And we have to let you know that Leroy (not Brown) will never be forgotten.  We loved him very much. But he is not here for us to visit.


Leroy (not Brown) was our cousin and friend. We loved him.  And we miss him.  But instead of dwelling on sadness,  we want to remember why we loved him.  And hope that you will remember why you loved him too.  We have received so many emails and messages asking about him.  He touched your lives, as he did us, which was why it was so painful to tell you that he was no longer with us in our Florida place home. It took us a long time to tell you.  Because even a Sheriff sometimes has no words.

Again…they say you can’t go home again.  And again…I suppose that is true.  Imagine a time when all was perfect in your “home”.  Your loved ones were there, memories were being made and you thought things would never change.  But change is the only thing guaranteed to happen.  There will come a time where even all of us are not together.  I am a Sheriff and it is my job to tell you the truth.  But with the truth comes an opportunity to appreciate what you have now.  There are loved ones with you now with fur and without fur that will not be here forever.  Even when people or furkids are removed by time, chances are you have more people and furkids to love and remember them with.  Isn’t that true? Oh, Leroy. With Leroy’s bad attitude came humor.  With Leroy’s annoying barks came laughter.  Leroy had a hard beginning to life that affected him for all of his days, but he did know love too. There were many people that cared for him.  Especially his Sheriff and Deputy.  We will always remember most of all our days in Country Cousin Person’s house gazing at the ocean with Leroy, seeing how much he enjoyed just watching the dolphins and boats go by.  We choose to remember the good times with Leroy (not Brown) in this Florida place.  But home is not the same without you, buddy.

Time may change things, but time adds things too like a new rescue furkid in the family, Beasley Anne.  We will tell you a little more about her tomorrow.  Her Girl Person is a cousin to our Girl Person.  And she thought I was more handsome when we met her yesterday.  Just sayin.


Now.  Time to sing with us as we remember our friend Leroy (not Brown). Thank you all for asking about him, and maybe one day…when the time is right, we will tell you some more about the lessons Leroy taught us about life, rescue and love.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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5 thoughts on “They Say You Can’t Go Home Again. You Can, But It May Have Changed.

  1. Patricia Moller

    I know that when you go back home things are never the same. However, the memories that you have will always be there in your hearts and your minds. I do not go back to my old home because my parents are in Heaven so it’s not a home any longer it’s just a house. I love my memories of them and our home Nobody can take them away. I’m sorry about Leroy (not Brown) but he’s in your heart always. Hugs and love to all of you 🐾❤️️

  2. Patricia Miser

    Home is where your persons are, Where you feel lots of love. It can be Florida,, Pennsylvania, or the Big Blue Treat Wagon. It’s wherever you are loved and cared for. Like, where your pancakes and peanut butter cookies are made! That’s home! Much love to you!

  3. My heart goes out to you all ~ I moved back to hometown years ago after being gone 7 years and things do change but the people and memories are always in our hearts. Tracy Lawrence wrote a song about time marching on and boy is that ever true <3 Hugs to you all ~ enjoy the here and now as time marches on <3 I am going to be singing Bad Leroy Not Brown all day ! Thanks for the memories 🙂

  4. Anne Allison

    You have touched me with your wise words – we also left our home and moved – to a whole new country not just a house – love to all of you and Leroy is not forgotten!

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