One Foot In Front Of The Other?

This is Digby Pancake. Some days are harder to go forward then others. We can’t be all motivated and jolly every day.

Especially if you have four paws to keep track of like me.

And it seems that the more we have to do, the harder it is to keep in the right direction.  Maybe it is impossible some days.  Well, I understand that.

And so when I have days like that, all I do is concentrate on one paw at a time.  One foot in front of the other.  Step by step.

We have a big weekend and a very big week coming up.  We are leaving our comfy spot at our friends’ barn to travel to Jekyll Island, Georgia and we are visiting the Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

We have to pack up everything, get everything organized, and make sure all is good to go.  It is so much to do that the persons are having a hard time keeping up with all that is on their list. There are too many lists. Even a so called bucket list can make you feel like a failure.

But when Girl Person gets like this, and gets all stressed out, she takes each thing a bite at a time.  She tries to get something done without starting something else. It is hard for her.  She gets sidetracked.  She worries and worries. She sure doesn’t take care of herself.

She trips over her own feet.

But sometimes, instead of thinking about all that we haven’t got done, maybe we should try to praise ourselves for what we have got done.  For me and Brickle, we ordered shoes everyone at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center to take with us next week.  And that is really a step in the right direction, I think!

I didn’t know sea turtles needed shoes, though.

If you are overwhelmed, you are not alone.  But guess what? No one else truly knows all that you have on your to do list.  Just you.  So if you don’t get it all done, well, just be happy with what you did get accomplished.  Wonderful job, great job, fabulous work! You needed to hear that.  And just take it one foot in front of the other.

-Digby Pancake

Want to help US help the sea turtles and all of the other animals that the Georgia Sea Turtle Center helps? Donate to our fundraiser here. All funds go direct to this non-profit. Every dollar and every share counts!


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