Can Safe Water Give Dogs A Better Quality Of Life?

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Full-time travel has taught us so much about ourselves, our dogs and our earth.

But camping is not all fun! Cold showers, breaking down, and getting lost may add to the experience, and for great memories. But many necessities that we were accustomed to before our adventures of full-time RV life became more than a challenge. Many times, it became impossible.


There we were near Big Bend National Park in Texas.


The scenery was gorgeous, Brickle and Digby were enjoying all of the hikes and drives, and we set up camp. Up to this point on our trip, we had prided ourselves with new ways of eating better and simplifying our lives. But finding good, safe water had always been a challenge. This location however, would prove to be the biggest water challenge we had faced yet. Everywhere we went, there were signs warning not to drink the water. Many of us turn on the faucet and just fill a glass with water and drink it. These are acts so commonplace that you perform them without thinking twice. Not here. Individuals in this location did not have this luxury. And we did not know what to do! We definitely were not close to any store. And we definitely could not drink the water. So we found the nearest gas station and bought as much bottled water as we could. This was a real problem. We realized that no matter how well we were feeding our dogs, water was just as important. We also realized that we would never again take safe water for granted. This was a turning point for us. Water provides the means for most of the process and chemical reactions that keep the body working! Water helps the body filter waste, regulate body temperature, digest food and circulate blood. Dehydration in dogs can cause serious health problems including kidney and heart damage.  If we were going to keep traveling, we had to find a solution.


How were we going to find fresh water on our travels?  We had no answer. We were moving constantly…in a different state each week. So we bought a water filter and pitcher. But we used those filters up quickly. It was not easy. It was expensive! And I did not even trust that it was doing its job because the water tasted awful. It was making our journey even more difficult. But safe water for the boys prevailed. Even though I didn’t have the fullest confidence it was safe.


We kept with our adventure and visited 48 shelters and rescues. I didn’t have much time to change or research our water routine.  But when we were finished, and when I was pouring a glass of water one day, I thought of all the animal shelters and rescues we had visited and their water. If people had a hard time finding safe water, what were our animals in the shelters drinking? And even for pets that were fortunate to have found their forever homes, were their lives as great as they could be? I had to wonder. The basic necessities. Are they really basic? Or are they the most important parts of life? Water IS life.


Imagine you’re thirsty. You reach for a glass of water. But your glass is slimy. Your water tastes stale. But you have to drink it because it’s all you have. We wouldn’t expect ourselves or our friends to drink that. So why do we expect our pets to drink potentially unsafe and bad tasting water? We shouldn’t. I knew there had to be a better way to stay hydrated and also a better way to drink for our earth.

So a few months ago, when Primo Water contacted us about trying their water, we wanted to learn more about it. Was this our answer to buying overpriced, bottled water?  So many times we would drive far distances to find recycling centers for all these bottles we were using! Plus, I felt pretty guilty about it. Would changing our water to Primo Water fit with our goals of being environmentally more aware? We found out by their website the answer was YES! It states, “One of Primo’s primary goals is to leave a positive impact on the environment. Our Refill Water gives users the chance to do better by reusing and refilling their empty bottles time and time again. And, each Primo® five-gallon bottle saves up to 1,100 single-serve plastic bottles from landfills and oceans over the course of its 40-use lifetime.”

So far so good.  We loved Primo so far. But as we try to do with our mission to “Make Rescues The Breed Of Choice”, this product and company had to be supportive of our goals as well.  So since we are all about animal rescue, how could we introduce this to shelter pets and their future adopters? We knew how. And Primo Water was not only supportive of our goals of educating, but they wanted to donate a Primo Pet Station to each of our “rescues of the month”. Basic? No. Beautiful.

Why do we think safe and great tasting water is a factor in our pets living longer, healthier and happier lives? The Primo Water website states, “Hydration is just as important for pets as it is for humans. Healthy hydration helps regulate body temperature, transport nutrients to cells, and lubricate joints.” What else?


Dehydration can put a pet in a bad mood with manifestations of behavior problems. Your pet will think better with good water too! Could having access to safe water give shelter pets a better start and a better chance at getting adopted? We think it plays a key role.

Is it time for you to consider adding Primo Water to your family’s daily routine? We all want our loved ones, including our pets to be with us for as long as possible.


We also want our pets to be happy! Can good water make you happy? We know so. Brickle and Digby are drinking more and we take it with us hiking, on the beach and on the road! Wherever we are, we can go to their website and find an exchange station or a refill station! 

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So as we partner with Primo Water in the next few months, we will learn more about why water is so important and the easy and convenient way to provide this for you and your pets! We thank Primo Water for their commitment to making our lives, our families’ lives, and our pets’ lives…who are our family, better!  

What products have we been introduced to the past month?

The Primo Pet Station

“Primo brings its advance technology in water cooling and heating with an innovative design that delivers refreshing water to your cat or dog at the push of a button. Recent studies have shown that bulk water users drink 25% more water. With a Primo Water Dispenser, you, your cat and your dog can enjoy refreshing cold water at the push of a button.”


If you are limited on space, or want to take your Primo Water with you, check out the portable options like the electric pump. We absolutely cannot live without this! “Now your whole family can enjoy the delicious taste of Primo® water at home or on the go with the new Primo® Rechargeable Water Dispenser. Enjoy its compact size and low profile at home fitting under or inside cabinets as a small water dispenser or take it on the go as a portable water dispenser for camping, picnics, sports outings, and tailgating events. The Primo® Portable Electronic Water Pump also features a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that dispenses up to 25 gallons on every charge and comes pre-charged right out of the box.”

Primo Water makes it easy for you and your pets to drink as much water as you want to without worrying about running out. We only hope that more pet parents will consider this as important to your dog’s diet as their food.  

Making a difference for animals means recognizing that a better life for them means a better life for us.  They count on us to provide them with the elements for a healthier, happier life.


As we continue to advocate for animal rescue, it is our hopes that we will continue to recognize what will make a shelter pet’s life better, even while they are waiting for their forever home. And that includes the water they drink.


Can safe water give our pets a better life?  It’s a start!  A delicious and safe start! Join us as we continue our travels this month and watch how we incorporate Primo Water into our daily routine!

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Rachael Johnson

Co-Founder of 2 Traveling Dogs

Although this blog post is #sponsored, all opinions are our own.


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