Where’s Your Tortilla Chips?

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. After all of the rain last week in this Florida place, the sun finally decided to come out. 


I felt like little orphan Annie or something.  Actually, I have no idea who that is, but Girl Person said it.  She said those three days were like a “hard knock life.” I heard no knocking. I just heard rain. Thunder. Stuff dropping on the motorhome.  There was no one named Annie up in here.

It’s funny, but not really.  When things seem to go wrong sometimes, well, they really go wrong. Like why is everyone at the grocery store and buying all the tortilla chips?

I really wanted tortilla chips, but I don’t want that oregano plant that someone pushed Girl Person over to get in the produce department?  Yeah, I wasn’t there apparently, so I don’t know. But both seem like valid questions to ponder.  It’s crazy out there, y’all. 

And you have to wonder.  Is it me?  Like why is the sky blue, but then I walk outside and it starts raining?


Yeah, so you get the point.  Some days aren’t your day and you wonder if all the coincidences are adding up to the fact that it might be time for you to go back to bed, but your bed is being moved in your house that has to be moved, but only across the road.  And you get mad again cause you are all wet, you have to hide in a building by a graveyard, and you can’t get back in your house because Boy Person said we had to go to another site. Because someone reserved it already.  Maybe that has happened to you.  I doubt it though.


By the time the end of the day comes with no tortilla chips nor an oregano plant that Girl Person wondered what was so special about, and everyone is in a bad mood you sit on a couch in your RV that should have been thrown out long ago. And then you see them. Those campers come that reserved your campsite, and you decide that you just have to bark at them.  It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t their fault, all of the no tortilla chips, the oregano, the traffic, the rain, the mud, everything.  To you, it is now.  And I let them have it.  Kinda.

My barking has a way of snapping everyone back into reality.  Sometimes, days can go really wrong.  And really wrong some more. Everyone is rushing around, thinking that everything they have to do is more important than everyone else’s thing to do.  We forget that everyone else might be having a hard day too.  And even if they had nothing to do with our hard day, we take it out on them.  Maybe it’s that one more thing that throws us all over the edge. When we should be taking it out on a pancake.  Because that’s obvious.

When life gets too hard, ask yourself why.  Ask yourself who is making it hard.  Is it really that lady with an appetite for oregano who needed to make the best spaghetti? Or is it you? Were you standing in her way, not seeing that you should be polite and get that plant for her?  Is it the traffic, or are you driving too fast?  Is it the rain, or did you forget your umbrella? Can you share your umbrella? Obviously, we don’t have one.


Life is about lessons learned and growing.  Not lessons learned only about ourselves, but realizing that others may need some kindness shown to them as well.  Even if it’s hard for us to do.  Even if we don’t feel good. Even if we had a bad day. 

Even if there are no tortilla chips left.  Maybe someone really needed them.  But I may have your salsa.  Just sayin. Let’s make a deal.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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