The Night That The Lights Went Out In Georgia. Again.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Did you ever have so much going on that you forgot what day it was?  Granny Person used to say she would lose her head if it wasn’t attached. And I think that Girl Person needs a reminder on where her head is.  Because she is not accomplishing much this week the way she is going.  Which she probably forgot where that is. Savannah, Georgia, Girl Person.  Savannah, Georgia.


Now.  You know me.  I am all about saving energy when it comes to my handsome.  I can’t exert too much of myself in order to be even more handsomer the next day.  So that being said, I get when people try to turn off lights to save energy, or recycle, or that kind of stuff.  The earth should get more beautiful every day.


But beauty takes maintenance.  You have to conserve energy to have lights the next day.

We have been so busy in this Savannah, Georgia place.  You see, it has been raining nonstop for the past week.  We try to go places in the morning before it starts, but when it starts, it is like a deluge.  Everything gets muddy and wet and dirty and it makes more laundry for the persons.  They wash, wash, wash and do it again and again and again.  By the end of it, they are so dirty that they try to take showers at camp.  But Girl Person is so tired that she forgets about the energy thing.  In the shower.  And she forgets about the lights.  Until it is too late.

For the past week, she remembers to take a shower, but she forgets about the light switch on the wall.  You have to turn the timer so that the lights don’t shut off.  And Girl Person, being as dirty as she is, really…really…needs a longer shower.  Even though it is a cold one.  But you can only remember so much when you have lost your mind.  The first night it happened, it was late.  Real late.  The lights went out, she was in her one butt bathroom shower and she had a decision.  Either put on all her clothes and take a deep breath and try to not freak out, or make a run to the light switch before she could think about it and take the chance that someone might come in.  Run, Forest, run! I mean, Girl Person.

Now.  When you are wet, the campground bathroom is muddy, and you are trying not to think about everything that could get you in the dark, you aren’t real slow.  You are real fast.  And you are real slippery.  Real slippery. And you kinda fall.  And your butt covered in poison ivy doesn’t feel good after that.

Now.  When this kind of thing happens, you probably would think that you would remember about the timer on the light switch the next time.  Or the time after that.  Or maybe…maybe…the next time.

But as Girl Person went to get a shower after doing laundry, getting caught in the rain carrying the laundry back to the RV, and after she dried her tears after a pity party, she decided to take another shower.  After the day she had, she really didn’t want the lights to go out in Georgia again.  So she turned that timer all the way…just so she knew it wouldn’t shut off.  And as she was feeling good that she finally remembered, and that maybe it had not been such a bad day after all, she heard it.  The sounds of laughing person kids and the light?  It.  Went.  Off.  They had turned off the timer.  And now? It was real dark in this part of Georgia.

Sometimes, when you can’t even remember what day it is, well, you then can’t remember that you are mad about some lights.  All you can do is put your clothes on, walk real slow and turn on the lights.  Then, you think about the next day, hope it isn’t going to rain again, and start over. But you also shower faster in case they come back.

Georgia place?  It has been fun.  We still have one more day here and then we are off to Charleston, South Carolina!  Georgia place? Despite your timed showers and rain and humidity that will knock your socks off if they aren’t soaking wet, we will miss you.  Your trees, your people, your food and your places to visit are never to be forgotten.


If everyone realized that Georgia was truly as sweet as their peaches, everyone would live here. But there wouldn’t be enough lights.  Because you see, the best places realize that to be more beautiful the next day, they have to take care of what they have the day before.  We all need a reset button.  We all need a timer.  If your timer goes off, and you find yourself in the dark, it can be hard.  You may want to give up and just stay there.  In the dark.  But find the courage to make a run to the light.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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2 thoughts on “The Night That The Lights Went Out In Georgia. Again.

  1. Theresa Bates

    I really wanna spank OPK when they do stuff like that (because they just laugh at whatever you might say to them; they know they gotcha). Bet their parents didn’t even know they were away from their camp after dark — which they should NOT have been. Oh, well! One of the hazards of being in a campground is OTHER PEOPLE’S KIDS. You just have to laugh and take it all with a good sense of humor. And hope they’re not following you to Charleston. You can send us the rain. In my little patch of South Louisiana, we have no rain, dusty skies, and a hazardous heat warning. Had to tell my mom that even if she doesn’t feel all that warm, there’s a heat advisory that includes making the elderly remain indoors in air conditioning if possible. It’s possible. I think I’d rather have rain.

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