Is Love Truly Blind?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  As we start on our No Path Path this week, we all need a clean slate.  Especially dirty Deputy Digby Pancake.  But I can’t accomplish everything on my to do list this week.  So first things first.  Jax?  Let’s talk about the incident. The incident at Gandma’s house.


This has been a rough week for everyone, trying to pack up, saying goodbye to old friends, and well, saying goodbye to Brickle Beach.


So when we went to Gandma’s house last week for a little breather, I enjoyed showing Jax the place where we used to live.


I know that he was enjoying it there.  As was I.  And I suppose that I liked how much of a good listener he was.  And I was really thinking that when he washed up on that wave on Jacksonville Beach that it was meant to be.

So as I was reminiscing at Gandma’s house about how he came into our lives, and how much that his life had changed over the past few days, we got carried away with our conversation, and I suppose that maybe…just maybe…I could have taken off his nose and his eyes.

Now, I know what you might be thinking, because I am the Sheriff, and I know all.  You are thinking that I did it on purpose and that I meant it in a bad way.  But really.  Have you ever loved something so much, like a plant, and maybe watered it too much?  What happened?  Have you ever loved something so much, like yourself, that you can’t possibly stare at your reflection for a minute longer?  Have you ever loved something so much, like peanut butter cookies, that your tummy looks like a peanut butter cookie? Ok, that’s me.  It was kind of like that for me with Jax.  My love got carried away.  Did I cut off his nose despite his face? No, I bit off his nose and his eyes.  And he didn’t even seem to mind.  Although Girl Person sure did.  She wasn’t being blinded by my handsome.  Jax wasn’t either.  He had real problems.

Girl Person explained to me that when we are taking care of someone, we cannot take off their eyes and their nose, even though we don’t mean anything by it.  It still is going to hurt.  She said that persons say love is blind, but I disagree.  Love is seeing someone’s faults and everything about them, and loving them anyway.  Love is opening up your eyes and your heart to seeing beyond yourself and your needs and being there for someone else.


Love is also about saying you’re sorry and trying to find a way to fix what you break.  You can’t always fix it…but you can try.

So as I got Jax all fixed up at the vet and I said my apologies, we headed out to the beach one last time to bid it farewell.

I explained to Jax that love is not blind, but it leads to blindness.  My love was too much, and for that, I was sorry and I would learn from it.  As we take off on the No Path Path with our new foster fail, Jax, I can only hope that now, he can see what life truly is about.  Going with the flow, trying not to get peed on by Digby, helping others, and having fun.  This is going to be great.  I can see that, and now Jax can see that.  If we are fortunate enough in life to have all of our senses…use them.  To love. And if we lose any along the way, those who love us will carry us through.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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