Any Day Now

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Oh, what a week.  If someone would have told us on Monday that we would be having a week like this, well, there would have been nothing we could have done about it.  And so.  That’s that.  And there was a lot of that. But there was still a lot of this face.  You’re welcome.


Every day that we thought things were getting better, they got worse.  And more worse. And worser.  We thought that we were never going to be able to leave.  Then our air conditioning broke.  The Big Blue Treat Wagon didn’t want to go anywhere.  And Boy Person had just about had it with working on it in 90 degree weather.  Yeah.  We had had better days. But we were still trying to be strong. That’s what we do.

So we had to find the one responsible for the sabotage of the RV, otherwise Girl Person was going to keep singing. But I was too busy being sad about leaving my dirt hole.  And so the Deputy took over.  That’s the good thing about having a Deputy.  This was the Deputy’s chance to shine.  Shine like a diamond.  Or a pancake dripping with maple syrup.


While I was supervising all of the goings on of Memaw Macaw’s driveway, it occurred to me that perhaps, just perhaps, Deputy Digby could solve this crime.  We had to know. Who had in fact broke the RV so that we couldn’t make it to the beach?  I thought this was the Deputy’s chance to earn his paycheck. Or pawcheck.  First of all, no one suspected that he was watching them.  Because Digby just sleeps.  Second of all, The Deputy had some personal interest in this mystery being solved. Yes.  He was worried that one more day of Boy Person working on the broken down RV and Girl Person’s worry would make his eggies late.  Or even worse…skipping a meal.  So he had to do what he had to do. A stakeout.  Without steak.  It was going to be hard.  But we had to get out of this driveway! Memaw Macaw sold her house, there were people coming in to steal my dirthole, and it was imperative. This was important.  I was leaving it to the Deputy.  And I am more proud of him than I ever have been.

Yes.  Deputy Digby solved the mystery of the broken down, Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.  Memaw Macaw.  She didn’t want us to go.  She wanted us to keep looking at her chess game from 1974 while she drank guava juice.  I don’t know why she does the things she does.  But who am I to question what a person that wears socks with sandals does? We said goodbye to the bottlebrush tree, the gopher turtle, Lele and Tommy Cat.  Then, I said goodbye to the best dirt hole I have ever had.


And we were on our way with gladness.  No, not sadness that we were pulling out of this driveway for the last time, but gladness that we were able to.  Gladness that Memaw Macaw was going to live somewhere without a leaking roof and loneliness.  Because leaving when you can is better than leaving when you have to.  Take it from us.

Then, once we said goodbye, we were on the way to the beach.  Jacksonville, you have been calling our name all week, but I couldn’t answer.  Let’s do this! We feel like this may be the start of the best adventure ever.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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3 thoughts on “Any Day Now

  1. Jacqueline

    Oh, these movies are just the greatest!!! MEEEEMAAAWWWWW!!!!! Not you too!!!!!! Love it!!! Great job, Deputy, and I’m so glad you’re back on the road again!! Safe travels and much love on your next great adventures!!!! Love you all!!! xoxoxox <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Karen Hampton

    Sheriff, you have such a handsome face, I want to boop your nose in the above puc, but I will refrain from doing so as I respect your Brickleness too much. I also truly love your sentiment that ‘leaving when you can is better than leaving when you have to’….you are SO WISE & good. Enjoy J’ville beaches!!! 😘👍🏼🍷🐕🐶

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