The Last Dance May Be Just The Beginning

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Today is the day, folks.  We are back on the road.  Are you with me?

I need you by me
Beside me, to guide me
To hold me, to scold me
‘Cause when I’m bad
I’m so, so bad

You may be thinking to yourself, well, where are they going?  Well, let me explain it this way.  Have you ever looked at a shelf full of maple syrup at a grocery store? There are so many options.  Some may be not real maple syrup, which in my Deputy book is a crime.


Some may be from that Canada place or that Vermont place.  Some syrup may be on the top shelf so that I can’t reach it because it is too expensive.  And some may be just out of reach. And although you want the best and most expensive maple syrup, you realize that maybe you are going to have to save up to buy it one day.  But it won’t be this day.  And so you buy one that tastes good too, because who can go wrong with maple syrup?  And you enjoy it, because you are thankful you have it.  And well my friends, that was too long of an explanation and I still didn’t explain anything.  But I am hungry.

You see, we have tried to find a way to stay here in this perfect California place to buy a house.  But right now, we aren’t finding it.  And the waiting is making the Depression Monsters able to get inside to bother Girl Person.  So instead of just waiting around in a campground, we are going to have some fun! We aren’t going to do a sad slow dance about leaving California for now, because why are there sad slow dances anyway?  I mean seriously.  You persons go to weddings and people dance with other people real slow and cry about it.  If you are going to have a last dance, make it happy!

So c’mon baby
Dance that dance
C’mon baby
Dance that dance
C’mon baby


But last dances?  Sometimes they are just the beginning.  And we aren’t thinking any further than the last dance here in Sonoma…for this week.  Who says we can’t come back in a few days if that is what we choose?  No one.  If they did, we wouldn’t listen anyway.


What we are going to do is drive for a few hours to a place called Carmel, California.  Oh, no we could never afford to live there.  Because they probably have caramel in their oceans.

Yes, they must have caramel.  Maybe even caramel syrup.  But that is definitely on the top shelf. Nope, we can’t live there, but who says we can’t visit and try to clear our heads?  And then, on Friday, we are going to head to somewhere with giant trees called Sequoia National Park!

You see, when you can’t make a decision that you want to, sometimes, you just have to stop trying.  Because nothing is working.  And that is how the persons have been feeling the past few weeks.  So instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for ourselves, we are going to make some happy.  And we are going to get to dancing about it! We have our whole lives ahead of us to dance wherever we want.  Who says you have to dance the same dance in the same place forever?

So! We are going to get back on the road and do some traveling for a few weeks.  And then?  If it feels right, we will head to that Florida place and check out Fernandina Beach.  Along the way, we may check out Beaufort, North Carolina.  And who knows what else?  We may even just turn this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV back around to Sonoma County if our perfect house comes up.  Because just sitting here is doing none of us any good.  Because no matter what we decide, it will be good.  Girl Person even thought that maybe a good idea would be to buy a little house and a little yard in one place that was not on the top shelf, and then visit Sonoma for a few months each year too in the RV!!  You see, this dancing thing?  We may have needed lessons to get started.  But this waltz is going to be magic.  Waltz?  I think I could waltz.  Sheriff Brickle?  He totally does the salsa. He says its for the ladies.

So if you are willing to keep dancing with us as we learn the steps of this part of our life, won’t you come with us today?  We don’t want to go without you.  You have been there ever since the beginning.  And this last dance?  Well, it is about to start.

So let’s dance, the last dance
Let’s dance, the last dance

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Friday, our 2018 Calendars Go On Sale! We can’t wait!!  Watch for details on Friday!



11 thoughts on “The Last Dance May Be Just The Beginning

  1. Jacqueline

    I’m super excited to dance ALL of the dances with you, Family!!! This is very exciting news and I think it’s the greatest plan ever!!! Beautiful places you are going, I’ve been to Carmel, but never Sequoia so I’m so stoked to discover new things through your eyes! And I was a HUGE Donna Summer fan when I was a kid, so LET’S Dance!!! Love you all, I’m so happy for you!!!! xoxoxox
    <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Kathy Bauch

    One of the best things about Carmel is that they love dogs there, and there are always dogs on their beautiful beach. My favorite place in the world…tho I can’t afford to live there either. :). Have fun.

  3. Karen

    Sounds like fun! I love a good adventure. I bet the boys will like it too! I was kinda hoping you’d check out the studio in the country I’m moving out of in Petaluma. And maybe winter here. But, obviously you came up with a better plan! Your home could be somewhere on this new adventure!! Have fun! 💕🐶💕

  4. Kim

    What about buying a boat! That was my solution. My daughter and I live on our 51 foot Symbol. She is 8 and always been a liveaboard. We love it! We have 2 cats and my dad who is also a liveaboard has a lab mix. Most of us have pets most dogs. We live in Vallejo and absolutely love it but there are other marinas that allow liveaboards!

  5. Maureen McLaughlin

    Of course we will continue the journey with you. Life is full of highs and lows so we must make the best of the good times. Hopefully you find the right spot soon that is right for all of you x

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