Back Up. Slide Out. Then Move.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Did you know? Did you hear? Girl Person is back home from that Florida place!  And when she came home, you better believe that we were happy.  Real happy.  I even showed it…a little.

IMG_6570It was like she was never gone at all, except for the fact that she was gone for a long, long time in dog time.  In Brickle time, even longer.  But the strange thing was, Girl Person was shocked that we all did so well without her.


She was shocked that the house was clean, that we were happy and that Boy Person didn’t have a meltdown.  Just goes to show that sometimes, Girl Person doesn’t want any help because she thinks she can do it all, and the best.  But Boy Person told her that some stuff was going to have to change around here and that she could not keep doing this.  He was the one shocked at how much work Digby and I were.  And so I suspect that there will be some good changes.  See?  And we definitely all appreciate each other more now.  That goes without saying.  Did she forget how much my handsome was?  No one can forget that.

The persons spent yesterday calling on some of the land Girl Person saw in that Florida place.  Maybe to build a tiny house? They are still working on that.


And they made plans to look at some properties in this California place next week.  In the midst of all that, Girl Person and Boy Person had to move our campsite today.  And tomorrow. And the next day.  So when she went in the shower to put some stuff in there to move, there was a pond of backed up shower water in there. Wanna gag? I did.  Guess Boy Person forgot to dump it and Girl Person washed dishes, and well, you know the story.  And it was gross.  But after being gone a week, Girl Person didn’t care about anything, and everything about our home on wheels was fine with her.  Until they moved our campsite, tried to open the slide outs and yep.  Stuck half way.  It seemed like the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV was trying to tell her something.  That it did not appreciate her absence.  And as Boy Person somehow fixed that too, Girl Person told him how amazing he was.  And it was a good thing he was so amazing, because if he had not fixed it, we couldn’t move one campsite over tomorrow.  Yep.  One.  Seriously.  Musical chairs..I mean, RV’s around here.

Some parts of camping are getting old.  Not as old as the dead fish Digby dug out of the ground and ate yesterday, but old.


And I hope that soon we can make a decision here about where we are going to go.  But for now, what a beautiful stay we are having in this Bodega Bay, California place.  We are trying to appreciate every moment, even every bird we see, every boat we see, every seal we hear, and know that all of our journey this past year may be leading us up to our next adventure.  And not knowing what that is yet is kind of fun.  Trying not to worry about the future is easier if you appreciate where you are in the moment.  And this weekend, that is our plan  Also, appreciating Girl Person’s cooking more  Did I say that out loud?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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5 thoughts on “Back Up. Slide Out. Then Move.

  1. Jan

    I really enjoy hearing of your adventures. Your blogs are about the only thing I miss not being on Facebook. Glad the other “fab four” is back together!!

  2. Jacqueline

    Yes, Girl Person, you cannot do it ALL, ALL of the time!!! That’s no doubt why the Depression Monster rears its ugly head!!! Boy Person is correctomundo!!! I’m so glad you have your Girl Person back, and the Fearsome Foursome is back in action!! Have a spectacular weekend, enjoy being together again!! I love you all!!! xoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3 <3
    P.S. A side note, Sheriff, that Bill Withers song has always been a favorite of mine, but every break-up I ever had, I always played it thinking "That's right, guy, that's how you're going to feel!" Please don't arrest me!!!! It's the little things in times like that!!!! Love you! 😉

  3. Barara (wanna be on the road) Corneliusen.

    Very beautiful blog. I am so happy you are all together again. Kudos to boy person…he is amazing! Love you guys!

  4. So glad the family is all together now despite some of the RV problems. It must be a really hard decision to make on where to live after being in so many places. Hope the answer comes soon for y’all

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