Captains Of Her Heart

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It’s been just a few days since we arrived in this Oregon place.  And let me just say it.  It is a wonderful place to land.  Except if you are a ship from 1906 apparently.


It is amazing the places that are to be explored in our world.  Around every corner, there is something new to see, something new to find and something new to learn every single day that we are fortunate enough to wake up in.

It was way past midnight
And she still couldn’t fall asleep
This night the dream was leavin’
She tried so hard to keep
And with the new day’s dawning
She felt it driftin’ away
Not only for a cruise
Not only for a day

For example, you probably didn’t know it, but as you are reading this, I am getting more handsome.  And more handsome. And at the end of this blog, more handsome.

Too long ago
Too long apart
She couldn’t wait another day for
The captain of her hear.


Also, as the persons found out yesterday, learning about a trail ahead of time could be a good idea.


Especially if you are walking to a shipwreck and the trail ends up being like this for over two miles.

Now, I am not one to complain, but I actually am.


And as Girl Person and Boy Person were laughing at the fine mess we had gotten ourselves into in Oregon, we remembered the signs.

As Sheriff, I know my duties.  But as a Captain?  Not so much.  I didn’t know that I would have to navigate persons and a Deputy thru the Oregon sand dunes to find a shipwreck from 1906.  But, for Girl Person, if she asks…I do.  And as she told me and Deputy Digby that we had to find this shipwreck, and it was our jobs as Captains, I stepped up.  As Captain of her heart.  That is what I have always been.  And I do a good job.

When you lead with your heart, you always find what you are looking for.  And as we kept going, and kept going, it was rough.  At times, I didn’t think we could do it.  But Captains never abandon ship.  Unless you are Captain Lawrence who abandoned the Peter Iredale ship and gave her one last toast, “May God bless you, and may your bones bleach in the sands.”.  No.  I was not giving up.


And as we finally found the shipwreck, Girl Person told us that we did an excellent job.  Excellent work.  And we were happy to sit and stare at what we had found.  Oregon was taking a bit of our hearts…and energy already!

If you let your heart lead you, you won’t be disappointed.  Because your heart knows.  Just like I know.  And wherever it is that you want to go, or whatever it is you want to do, now is the time.  Don’t wait.  The path may not be there tomorrow, and may be washed away.  There are no ordinary days.  Make them count.

As the day came up she made a start
She stopped waiting another day for
The captain of her heart


This is going to be a great weekend in Oregon! We are back on the road today to a place called Cannon Beach. We have to change campgrounds because everything is all booked up.  Don’t worry though, the persons know the way there.  At least I think.


And don’t forget! Sunday afternoon on our Facebook page, we will be posting our Stop Hounding Me, Washington edition with WAG in Sequim, Washington. Don’t miss it!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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