Where You Came From. You Know The Place.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. When you have to spell Mississippi as many times as we have lately, you work up an appetite. When you work up an appetite, you ask for more pancakes. And when you figure out that the word Mississippi gets you more pancakes, you learn to love it. I love ya, Mississippi place.

When we planned on visiting Mississippi, (pancakes please), Girl Person got real excited because her favorite singer of all time was born right here in Tupelo, Mississippi (pancakes please).

I have say, I am a dog, but I know music.  Music that I like to howl to.  In fact, I will howl to just about anything as I explained yesterday on the blog.  But Elvis Presley?  Now that my friends is music.  I have not been paid to say this by Girl Person, but in fact I have if I say Mississippi (pancakes please). And I must be honest about that.


Now, Elvis was just a person, like all of you persons out there.  Even though he traveled far and wide, he never forgot where he came from.  Because we all come from somewhere.

If you are a rescue dog like me, sometimes you may want to forget where you came from.  But even I can remember good things about it.  I learned to be a hound dog and even though I wasn’t a good hunting dog…I became a good Digby dog.  Life for me didn’t go according to plan, or someone else’s plan.  And I guess I could have dwelled on that for the remainder of my days.  Life probably doesn’t go according to plan for most persons.  But when you step back and see the good in where your life has led you, you begin to appreciate every step along the way.

For everyone, life’s steps began at a place they called home…just like Elvis from this Mississippi (pancakes please) place.  I could have never imagined where my Digby Pancake steps would have taken me.  How did I end up in a RV traveling the country and living every day to the full with love?  If I had not been thru hard times, it wouldn’t have brought me to the good. The hard times I went thru prepared me to help other animals out there like the ones at Tired Dog Rescue in Mississippi (pancakes please) this week.

But what about your home?  You know the place where you came from.  How did it change you?  What can you learn from it? What did you take from it?  We don’t know what tomorrow brings, even Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle, as shocking as that is.  No one can ever take away where we came from though..because that started who we are…for good or for bad.  It is what we make of it…what we make of our steps along the way that will make for our future days.  Make it count.  But never forget where you came from.  Elvis didn’t and can I tell you where he was from?  Mississippi.  Pancakes.  Please.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Our rescue pick this week is Tired Dog Rescue in Gulfport, Mississippi!  Check out their many adoptables like Ms. Bella here on their Facebook page and give them a like today!



And don’t forget to visit one of the sponsors on our Adventure Of a Lifetime!  New Zealand’s Best!

One thought on “Where You Came From. You Know The Place.

  1. Jacqueline

    Oh Precious Baby howl away, it makes you happy!!! And if I say Mississippi (Pancakes Please) I hope that you will receive your rewards as well!!! Also, I love Elvis. And howling. Sandy Paws to Sheriff too, Please!!!! <3
    P.S. I'm sure Girl Person has already clued you boys into Elvis' favorite sandwich (the horror!!) but I believe that Peanut Butter, Banana and (yuck) bacon would make you both howl!!!! Love you!!! xoxoxoxo

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