No Sugar Coating Rain and Panic Attacks In Tennessee.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. First off, welcome to Tennessee! A state filled with good people, pretty scenery and right now, a state that just went through its share of heartache due to the recent fires. We are here to show your beauty, Tennessee.  It is here and we love you.  We are sorry for all the heartache to your people and your animals last week.  But we still decided to visit now.  Because you need the love.



We are quick to note that rain is a good thing in this Tennessee place right now. A drought and recent fires make for a state that needs some rain. Since we have pretty much brought rain to places that need it all along this trip so far, it was only appropriate that we brought it with us here. So. Having said that, now I will complain a bit.

Yesterday was a day of wet dogs, panic attacks, sardines and no sugar coating as Girl Person said. We sure hope that today is a better day. Because sometimes, you think that things can’t get worse.  Sure, we are thankful to be on this trip.  But, truth be told, we have been on the road now for over 7 months.  We are starting to get a bit weary, and driving through rain and cold is no fun for us right now.  We didn’t know exactly where we were headed in Tennessee yesterday. The rain was so bad that we had to navigate around it.  And that made for long day with Sheriff Brickle who at this point started to have a bit of a panic attack.  Why?  Well, the Sheriff had a sick stomach from all the bumps on the road, being nervous from the rain, and thinking his hair was a mess.  Which it was, by the way.  He started freaking the heck out, pacing and trying to jump on Boy Person’s lap.  So the persons had to pull over at a gas station in the rain.

If you have ever been on the road for awhile, you know the drill.  Look for rest stops to take a break.  But then, when you need a rest stop, it isn’t there.  Often, when you need gas, it sure isn’t there.  And this time, the only choice we had so that Brickle didn’t try to jump out of the door was to pull over at a busy gas station in the pouring rain filled with trash.  Yep,  this was our day.   But Sheriff Brickle felt better, so we were on our way.  Only two more hours to go. Just needed another stop to get fuel for the RV because they had no diesel. Fabulous.

We saw a place, and started to pull in only to realize that our way was blocked.  And you see, you can’t really turn around when you are pulling a car and driving your house.  So now, Boy Person had to get out, unhook the Jeep and at this point, a very crucial delivery of RC Cola was trying to be made by a big truck to the Dollar Store entrance and apparently we were blocking his way.  We couldn’t move.  We could’t go anywhere and Girl Person started freaking out when he started backing up into us.  She tried to find the horn, couldn’t and just started crying.  Why. Why. Why.  He didn’t hit us, but Girl Person bruised her hand trying to find the horn. Which made her cry more.

This gave Sheriff Brickle more of a panic attack who at this point had to get out again with the RC Cola man being angry, Boy Person being irritated and soaked, Girl Person crying, and me?  I was enjoying my nap.  Girl Person says there was no sugar coating this day, but I say different.  Pancake is my middle name for many reasons, but the most is that I am sweet.  Why does any of this matter?!  We are together, making memories that one day we will laugh about, and have something to talk about and bark about.  Plus, we are in Tennessee!!  I say since we made it to our campsite safe and sound, even having to set up in storms and dealing with spiders in showers, that in the end, we all went to bed with our bellies full and…well, that is all I’ve got. Bellies full is most important.

Girl Person says that this week, we will be enjoying Tennessee, visiting a rescue called DixiePet Underground and then next week is Alabama. Then, in case you missed the news on our Facebook page, we will be taking a much needed break in our old Florida place for three weeks before heading back out to finish our 14 remaining states and rescues! So.  What is my point of all of this?

We are tired.  We are weary.  But we are here in Tennessee this week and we are going to have a wonderful time! Will you join us in giving Tennessee some love? Let’s do this!  Welcome to Tennessee!

-Deputy Digby Pancake



7 thoughts on “No Sugar Coating Rain and Panic Attacks In Tennessee.

  1. Terry Campbell ( Dee Dee and Nikki )

    Oh Sheriff and Digby, to take Girl and Boy person on such a big adventure is wonderful.
    Sharing all the rescues is even better.
    To find time during your travels to share love with Tennessee is truly great.

    We would love to have been able to travel with you. One day Dee, Nikki and their rescued humans hope to meet you.

    Take care guys and remember just a deep breath and smile.

    1. Gail Ghoogasian

      Love to read about your adventures, just read your..”the things we do for love”..another , really good one …put a big smile on my face

  2. Sally

    Ohhh. My heart goes out to you. Tennessee needs you. I am so thankful for you. You are the voice and face( s) of goodness. 💕

  3. Gail G

    I hope things brighten up for you all..even in your misery. I enjoy your adventures. Because there is always hope for better times to come, and you show us how you make the best of it all…sometimes a good cry is good for us. Just be safe, and find wonderful new experiences in your travels…I’m watching and listening as does your many followers .

  4. gretzmom

    If you get to Nashville make sure you go to the Johnny Cash museum! He kept his hair almost as nice as yours Deputy Digby Pancake and yours too Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle! And there is nothing to panic about and it is dry inside with nice music! If they let you into the Mesa museum in Colorado they will let you in here!

  5. We can truly sympathize with all your problems. They seem to go with driving a large motorhome and towing a vehicle. On our year long adventure we experienced what you are experiencing, including panic attacks and anxiety by our dog. Take the time to visit a veterinarian and get some medication for Sheriff. You can’t have him trying to climb into BP’s lap when he is driving. In spite of it all when it is all over you will miss the time of your travels. I know, because we are missing ours.

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