The Things We Do For Love.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Oh, Tennessee!  You have really made us feel welcome.  After the rain, that is.  Yesterday, the rain was still pouring down.  And if you are a person, and I assume you are if you are reading this, you know that us dogs have to go out to pee.  It’s not what we want to do, but you persons taught us to do this.  So really, it is your fault.

Anyway, when it’s raining and cold, Girl Person puts on like a million pairs of clothes, but as of yesterday, she still had no clean pants after our long trip from Kentucky to Tennessee and the yelling RC Cola man and well, she was a mess and yep.  She had to borrow more of Boy Person’s pants. So we had to go out in the rain being embarrassed of Girl Person’s appearance and Girl Person said, “Oh, the things I do for you guys.  The things we do for love.”  And then she started singing with her big pants on to a song that was old.  Just like those dirty pants of hers and all the other dirty clothes in our broke shower in the RV. I can imagine that you would listen to this song ultimately in a broke shower full of dirty pants and clothes. Seems appropriate. Seriously though. Turn the volume up right now.


Like walking in the rain and the snow
When there’s nowhere to go
And you’re feelin’ like a part of you is dying (yep)
And you’re looking for the answer in her eyes (can’t see her eyes cause I am too busy looking at her pants)
You think you’re gonna break up
Then she says she wants to make up (fabulous. Just drop us off at the RV right quick)

Yes. There she was in an empty, Tennessee campground, because who in their right mind would be camping in this weather, with big pants on and singing a song like this.  We aren’t crazy Tennessee, just Girl Person. The things we do for love? How about putting up with bad singing in the rain?

We know that we are in for a cold week, and are a bit worried about it though. Not as worried though that I may have to hear Girl Person singing this song again. This will be the coldest weather we have had so far on this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  Boy Person is making sure we have enough heat and trying to get the Big Blue Treat Wagon ready.  We have all our blankies and Sheriff Brickle has his attitude, so we should be good to go.  Good news is, today and tonight will still be warmer.  I use that word lightly cause it sure ain’t warm for us.  But we still have a little time to get ready. Thursday night and Friday night is going to be a test.  We sure will be ready for our 3 week break in Florida in a couple weeks!  Get those barkaritas ready!

Tennessee?  We have arrived.  Let’s do this!!  Sorry about the singing though. Oh, Sheriff Brickle has something to say below, by the way. Check it out.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

book-cover.800x0.jpgThis is Sheriff Brickle and this month, we have invited our fans to read a book along with us called The Endless Path by Laurie Duperier and her dog Gunny. This book will really change how you view your pets in a very unique way. Maybe you have felt or feel like Laurie does about her dog. How many of you have dealt with your pet battling an illness? This was the situation that Gunny was in as we read a little from Chapter 9, told by his Girl Person, Laurie.
“The thought of living without Gunny was unbearable to me. During his illness, we had clung to each other literally for dear life, and we did not know how to let go again. I can’t say we really tried, though. Letting go of each other didn’t hold much appeal for us.
I am not suggesting that it was okay to put my relationship with Gunny ahead of my relationship with everyone else, including Juan Carlos. It was not a reasoned decision. It wasn’t even something I consciously chose to do. It just was.”
When Girl Person read this, she literally put down this book. I won’t say that she feels that way about me…well, actually I will. And maybe you feel the same way too. Even if your pet is not sick, surely some relate to this book as Girl Person did. If you want to read along with us every week this month, find out how to get your copy at

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