No Pants In Kentucky. So Bye.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  You know that when you wake up every morning, the day will have two things for you.  Sunrise and sunset.  Are you appreciative of that this Monday?  Kentucky has inspired me.  It has inspired me to appreciate, to reflect on my beauty of course.  And to know I am better after leaving here. Except, if you want to wear clean pants, its not for you.

Allow me to explain. Every morning when we go outside for the first time in the day, Girl Person says “good morning, world!”.  We all kick up our heels and look up.  Why?  Even if she is faking the happy, we appreciate it.  Because we are ready to start our day, and make it a great one.


However, this morning, she wasn’t very good at faking it.  You see, today we have to leave for Tennessee.  And Girl Person was going to do our laundry. Well, not our laundry, but the persons’ laundry.  She gathered up all their dirty clothes and walked far in the rain and cold to the laundry room.  Then she saw it. Sign on the door.  “Closed For The Season”.  Well, it might as well have said “Get Out That Bottle Of Wine Now To Make You Forget You Have No Clean Pants And Or Underwear”.  Yeah, it should have said that. Closed for the season?  We aren’t used to stuff like that, being from that Florida place.  But we are used to Girl Person having clean pants and or underwear.  So no pants in Kentucky? Then, bye.


Kentucky?  We had a good week here exploring your beautiful countryside, your caves, your music and parks.

And the wonderful animal rescues like our Kentucky picked rescue, the Bun Bun Brigade.  In case you missed our video, here it is again.

We also had a great time trying your delicious food and a stew to warm us up called Kentucky Burgoo.  Wow, was it good. And wow was it cold. And wow was it rainey.


But anyway, we thought we loved you too much Kentucky. And then you did this to us.  When Girl Person doesn’t have any clean pants and or underwear, what do you think she does? Well, truth be told, she went to Boy Person’s closet, pulled out what she could and looks crazy.  Crazy, I tell you.  Good thing we have a long, long drive today to that Tennessee place and hopefully no one will see her.  But Girl Person says it’s inevitable. The days you look good, no one sees ya.  The days you look like a mess, everyone sees you.  Well, I look good every day, so I guess that is that. By the way, cold is not sexy. Had to be said.


Dogs don’t wear pants which doesn’t really affect us in this Kentucky place. But I have a reputation to uphold, and so we are going to have to leave in order to fix Girl Person up a bit.  We will always remember Kentucky for the wonderful week we had here.  But there are no pants available, so Tennessee, here we come!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

We thank our Kentucky friends at 4-Legger for supporting our trip and mission to “Make Rescues The Breed Of Choice!” Give their Facebook page a “like” and tell them thank you too! img_1111



One thought on “No Pants In Kentucky. So Bye.

  1. Rose Runge

    Oh my gosh! We were just discussing your laundry situation about an hour ago. We figured you needed a break for maintenance of your people. Closed for the season! I hope you served a big arrest warrant for that sign. But, here’s the deal. If you take a Christmas break it would be a working break. Time to change the oil, do the laundry, STOCK UP ON PAPER PLATES, wash all the blankets, etc. We are saving up for your book too. Our wish is that your people never have to be employed again. Work is a good thing, employment is not. That’s just my opinion and you know everyone is entitled to my opinion.

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