High Expectations

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. If you have ever expected something, and that something did not happen? How did you feel?

Having high expectations can be dangerous. Yesterday, we decided to take a hike at a preserve in this California place. We read all about it online. We thought we knew that the trails had shade and water. And we knew it wasn’t going to be very hot outside. So we got in the truck and we went on an adventure.

When we got there, we were so happy. The park looked beautiful. It was neat looking up at the mountains. It is so awesome to look at new scenery. And we were excited to start on the trail.

But as we started walking and looking at the map, the sun beat down on our fur. We got hot and hotter. The trail seemed like it was getting longer and longer. And we drank more and more water.

Our expectations of the trails was different than what we thought. It wasn’t a bad park. Or a bad trail. It just wasn’t what we thought it was. Because as a hiker person was walking back to her car, she asked us if we had been there before. She told us we were in for a treat…that this park was beautiful.

Different folks have different outlooks. Different folks have different expectations. Would it have helped if we would have told her that it wasn’t our favorite park?  No. If we would have said that, it might have made her feel like her feelings didn’t matter. It could have downplayed her love of the place.  Our high expectations had nothing to do with how she felt about it.  It was better left unsaid. Not even a bark was said.

Do we say things to others that make them feel bad about what they like? Just because our expectations of something may be different, it doesn’t mean what they like is wrong.

Because in fact, if we had visited on a winter day, the sun would have felt great. The trail would have not have seemed as long. And our lack of researching the park was our own fault. Not the park or the people who love it.


Remember it is ok to look forward to things and to have high expectations. IF our expectations are based on reality. Don’t downplay someone else’s love of anything over one disappointment.

If your expectations aren’t met, move on. And find your treat…your beautiful place that YOU love. Just because something is different than you thought, that doesn’t make it any less. And that goes for persons too.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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  1. Marcia Ellen Ring

    Hi! I just read your post on West Virginia, where I live with my other half, Charlie. He’s a 4 legged! Thank you! Its time for Charlie and I to take a road trip and we’re going to follow your suggestions! Marcia

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