And That’s The Last I’ve Seen Of My Heart

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I’m not one for mushy stuff. Unless that mushy stuff is peanut butter.

But this past week, we got a new friend in our life. One of those friends that you don’t have a choice but to like or not.

Because your heart decides that for you.

Ellie was adopted by our hosts and friends who drove over five hours each way to go get Ellie.

Ellie barked a lot in an apartment, they were told. And she had to find somewhere else to go. And she’s here now.

Life has a way of surprising you. And the surprises aren’t always a bad thing. We didn’t expect to be here so long in this Georgia place. But we would never give up the time we have had here.

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You don’t have to be moving all the time to have adventures. Sometimes your heart takes flight instead.

Listen today!

When Ellie first came here last week, she did bark a lot. But the love she has for others and wanting to live life to the full makes her a little outspoken sometimes.

Maybe you know someone like that…

When we think others don’t hear us or understand us, it is frustrating. Dogs are no different. Persons can talk things out. Persons can explain. But what can dogs do? Bark.

When others act frustrated, it’s kind to try and figure out why.

It’s kind to listen and acknowledge that we don’t know what’s wrong. And in the process of just being there, you might get a friend you never expected.

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Life is hard for us all. We may wonder why we are where we are in life. Maybe we think we should have accomplished more. Maybe we feel a bit disappointed. But remember the impact you can have.

Look around…where you are right now…and see who needs you.

They are there.

No matter where you are.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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