Go With The Flow?

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I decided to hold off on using my new name of Digby Bland Food on this diet today because I am thinking positive thoughts.  And bland food doesn’t help with positive thoughts.  It’s better just some days to go with the flow and see where it takes you.  I think.


Yesterday, we woke up in one of our most favorite campsites ever in Silver Springs State Park in this Florida place.  The persons decided that they could not miss going on one of those glass bottom boats that have been here for a million years.  Well, maybe not a million.  But close.

And you know that Sheriff Brickle and I are not too fond of boats.  So we decided to sit this one out with a full belly of breakfast made with bland food. Oh, I forgot.  I wasn’t supposed to mention that again.


The persons were really excited.  You see, it’s not every day that you get to ride a boat with a glass bottom to see what is under there!


And it’s not often that you can look through glass and see all of the springs, water and fish beneath you.


The persons said that Brickle and I would have been scared of the boat.  I believe them.  To hear how deep the water is, and to hear about the springs which make millions of gallons every day, well, that is too deep for me to think about.


And although I enjoyed their pictures, well, there was another reason we were glad we sat out this particular attraction.

Now.  We had told you about the monkeys on Tuesday’s blog.  We talked about admiring them from afar.  And well, I guess the persons weren’t as far away as they could have been.  But that all depends.  It made for a bunch of laughing.  And that is certainly going with the flow. I am just glad that the monkeys here related to the ones in a Tarzan movie were the only ones left from a movie filmed here at Silver Springs.


It could have been worse.


The persons told us all about their boat ride and told us that they would make a video and show it to us this Sunday on the Facebook page.  I agreed to wait.  Because we had to get back on the road.  You see, Jax took the wheel.  And where did we end up? You guessed it.  Where we first met Jax.  Back in Jacksonville, Florida.


If there was ever anyone who was go with the flow, well, that would be Jax.  And since it had been awhile since he had been home, we decided it was ok with us!


We have learned the last three years being on the road that plans in life may be overrated.  You can overthink things all day long.  You can try to figure out solutions.  But when do things ever truly go according to plan?  Sometimes, you have to go with the flow and go where the wind blows, or the river flows.  Sometimes, you have to hear the ocean waves. Sometimes you have to hear the owls in the woods.  None of those things plan their day.  They go with what their day brings them.


On the other hand, going with the flow doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have direction.  The waters in the rivers and springs and ocean all have a direction.

They may go with the flow.  But they are the flow.  You have to be your own flow too.  You may not have everything exactly all figured out.  But you can head that way.

What direction are we headed?  That has yet to be charted.  But for now, since Jax steered us here, we will feel the ocean breeze.  We will watch the water.  Go with the flow?  Yes.  But let’s see which way we steer.

-Deputy Digby Pancake Bland Food

We have a special edition blog tomorrow!!! It’s all about Dozer The HelpFULL Donkey! Don’t miss it!



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