That Road

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It’s true.  We spend our days hiking and traveling and seeing new things. 

But it is also true that if you give me and Deputy Digby about a week in any one place that we get bored. 

 The scenery doesn’t seem as new or as exciting.  And some people would think that we were crazy.  Do we like comfort and routine and being still for a little while?  Maybe. Maybe not.

There is a road at this camp.  It stretches for many miles. 

So many miles in fact, that we are not sure how long it is.  There are a few trails on the side to take.  But this road intrigues me.  Where does it go?  Where does it NOT go?The problem is, we can only go so far on it every day when we start from the same place.  And we know that we will never be able to see all of it taking this route.  Every day, we start out from camp.  We start to go down it.  But we get tired and eventually we have to turn around.

This road makes me question.  Have you ever looked too far ahead at once and you wanted to turn around?  Trying to go down the same road every day and realizing that you can only get so far can seem overwhelming.  

Have you ever thought about how long a road is and you just didn’t want to go down it?  You try and you try and you try. But when it is the same road, it can seem like you never get anywhere.  Because some roads are just too long.  Sometimes, we expect too much out of ourselves.  We push ourselves, but all have limits.  And sometimes, you just need to start over.

And I suppose that has a lot to do with why we keep moving.  New starts are fresh starts. There is always a chance that the next road will be just a bit shorter.  There is always a chance when we start over. 

Some might view this as failure.  I view it as the opposite.  Because failing would mean stopping.  And we aren’t down with that.

Roads were meant to be traveled on.  But one road wasn’t meant for everyone. There would be no room. 

Your path may be different from someone elses.  But that doesn’t make it less important.  It’s not how fast you can get to a destination, or even if you can get there at all.  It’s pushing ourselves only to where it is healthy and happy for us to do so.  Only you have your map.  Read it.  Take that road. Its yours.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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