A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Persons have the craziest sayings for everything to make sense of their crazy world.  And one thing that Girl Person said when we were walking this morning was that a rolling stone gathers no moss.  Well, what if you want to gather moss? What if you want to do that? What if?

As we were hiking thru the forest this week, we noticed all kinds of things.  Those coyotes howling in the distance.  Yeah, we didn’t go over there.  We noticed all the signs for alligators and keeping us on a leash.  We saw squirrels and mice and deer.  But we also saw fields and fields of moss.  Girl Person says that its called Deer Moss or Reindeer Moss.  

Apparently, Girl Person thinks that I want to learn things besides pancakes sometimes.  Which, if learning about other things besides pancakes makes me smarter to ask for more pancakes, I can do that.  I can go with that.  Am I smarter already?  Maybe.  Girl Person says that there is always something new to learn…wherever we are.

Even though we have been back to this Florida place, and we have been here many times, we never paid attention to the deer moss.  It would seem that is a shame.  A dern shame.

Why do we not notice such things?  But also, why are there fields of deer moss and no fields of pancakes? There are strawberry fields, and no fields of pancakes. Why. Why.

Another thing persons say all the time is to be still my heart.  Well, if a heart flutters when it sees something it loves, it can only be still if you stand still and let that something be appreciated.  And since it takes the deer moss so very long to grow that beautiful, many times decades, I suppose that a lot of things have appreciated their beauty before the deer eat it.

And that is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? To be appreciated and enjoyed in life.  We all want that.

So the next time that the persons say a rolling stone gathers no moss, I will tell them they are correct and that I have tested it out.

You see, if we are never still, how much are we passing by? If we never stop and truly look at something, how much of it do we even see?  I suppose that is why Brickle stares at himself so long in the mirror.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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