Letting Dogs Do The Talking For Pet Releaf CBD Products

This blog post is sponsored by Pet Releaf, makers of the highest quality, organic CBD products for dogs and cats. Although we received compensation for this post, our experiences and opinions are our own…and also our dogs’ opinions too! Use coupon code 2TD at Pet Releaf to save 10% off of your entire order! Check out all of the CBD products from Pet Releaf at www.petreleaf.com

Last month, we told you that we were going to be putting Pet Releaf CBD products to the ultimate test. After almost three years of being with our dogs Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake 24 hours a day in our RV, we had an upcoming trip. Yes, a vacation of sorts.


It was a very hard decision to leave our boys in the hands of our trusted pet sitter and friend. But we were tired, we needed a break, and our dogs actually needed a break from us. Being full time travelers has a lot of fun benefits, but camping can be hard work and animal rescue is hard work. We had to regroup and refocus. I knew this in my heart, but my head was telling me I that if we were really going to leave them for two weeks, we were going to do everything in our power to make sure that they were ok…more than ok. And the first thing that went in when I packed their bags? Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil. You better believe it.

You see, we have been using Pet Releaf products for our dogs for over six months now.

According to the Pet Releaf website, “Cannabidiol (CBD) from the Hemp plant has been known to work wonders with people and with pets when it comes to temporary anxiety prevention. There are multiple scientific studies showing the positive effects of CBD for a multitude of health conditions- including pain management and anxiety reduction.

When CBD enters a mammals endocannabinoid system, specific receptors found throughout the body are activated. These are the only receptors in the body that allow for 2 way communication between body systems. Basically, CBD makes it easier for the body to calm down and relieve tension and temporary anxiety, because receptors in the endocannabinoid system can now “speak” to each other.

Pet Releaf organic CBD oil is extracted using no chemical solvents, it is safe for your pets (they can never over-dose), and it is non-psychoactive.”

We were using Pet Releaf CBD oil for Digby’s mobility issues, his comfort level and his lumps and bumps due to old age. We were using Edibites and Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil for Brickle due to his depression and his travel anxiety.

Had we seen any difference? Absolutely. You can read all of our past blogs and our journey to this point here.

But I felt that this was the ultimate test of Pet Releaf.  Were we nervous to leave them? If you know us, you know the answer to that! Now multiply that by a million!


So, the real question is, did Pet Releaf help Brickle and Digby when we were away for two weeks on our vacation? Our pet sitter said it simply but best. “Pet Releaf made the boys so relaxed! I found no separation anxiety or trouble sleeping. They were able to relax, sleep and play and enjoy their vacation too”, Veronica Simonetto, owner of Unique Dog Boarding near Tampa Florida which officially opens in 2019.


“The Pet Releaf Difference:

  • Our hemp is grown at our certified USDA organic joint-venture hemp farm in eastern, Colorado
  • PR-33, our specialized hemp strain grown specifically for pets, selected because of it’s extremely beneficial cannabinoid profile for dogs and cats
  • We extract our full spectrum hemp oil using only pressurized air and never with toxic solvents and chemicals
  • Our Edibites are handmade and baked in small batches in our Colorado kitchen
  • No 12 syllable ingredients in any of our products
  • 3rd party testing for guaranteed potency”

All of my worse fears about leaving the boys seemed to melt. I truly believe that there are two components to having your dog be happy if you have to leave them overnight or for longer. A trusted pet sitter and Pet Releaf. But just because this was our experience, we wanted to hear from others. We wanted to let the dogs do the talking for Pet Releaf this month. Because let’s face it. A company can tell us all about their products and give us guidance on using them. Pet Releaf may have been started by amazingly devoted people and their company is the best we have ever dealt with.

But the real proof? We believe that is in the personal experiences.

Real dogs and real pet parents telling us how Pet Releaf helped them.  Not just with boarding, but with all of the concerns that you have asked us about!  Let us introduce you to a few!

Meet Trixie.


“She’s 10 and we’ve been lucky enough to have her for 7 years.  When she had a vet visit during the summer, the doctor said she was a bit stiff in her hips and back.  Not wanting to put her on more meds, we started her on Pet Releaf Hemp Oil to help keep her limber.  Since she’s been on it, she doesn’t hesitate to jump on the bed anymore.  Plus she plays with her toys a lot more AND even tries to jump up to say hi.”

Meet Mia.


“Nap time!  Now she can get on the couch.  There was a time she couldn’t.  She loves to nap there.”We love the Edibites and feel they can be very helpful for arthritis and when there are fireworks.”

Meet LadyBug. 


Edibites help her with anxiety, especially during thunderstorms!  They help her when alone and she can get her beauty sleep!”

Meet Bella.


“This is my goofy girl Bella…she gets horrible skin issues on her stomach and in her groin (probably allergies but not sure to what.)  Before we had rescued her, two other families had returned her because they couldn’t deal with her skin issues.  We’ve worked with the vet and she is much better, but she still gets flareups.  Now we use the Pet Releaf Ointment (Cannacare), and if she does have an episode, it is quickly cleared up with the ointment.  We also use the Edibites for her separation anxiety and she is much less stressed when we do have to leave her.  We love Pet Releaf!

Meet Eddie.


“Eddie has arthritis in his legs and hips.  He started using Pet Releaf in September and within a couple of days he was no longer holding his back leg up.  He runs and zoomies at mealtimes and acts like a pup at age 12.  We also use Edibites as his buddy Jasper won’t do the oil.

Meet Peaches 🍑

“This is Peaches.  She had gotten deathly ill with anxiety while being boarded, so for years I was unable to board her.  This past summer I treated her with Pet Releaf Oil and Edibites and for the first time was able to successfully board her with no episodes of severe anxiety.  I’m a believer in this product.

Every time we think we know all of the amazing ways that Pet Releaf can help our family members, we hear more ways…from you!  As pet parents, we have a responsibility to our pets.

It is up to US to help them when they need us, to feed them correctly, to do everything in our power to make their lives not just healthy but happy.  For pet parents considering CBD to help their pets, consider why we personally believe that Pet Releaf is the only company to purchase from. Simply put? You can go right to their website and read all of their testing reports. Their products are organic and made in the USA. Everything is transparent, you can ask them any questions with a personal response, and there is something else. We have used the products from Pet Releaf. We have witnessed the change in Brickle’s travel anxiety, Digby’s mobility and their overall mental health has improved.

We can only hope that if your pet has any issues that have not been helped by all of the ways you have tried, including conventional medicine, consult your vet and consider Pet Releaf, If we felt comfortable enough to leave the loves of our lives while we were half way across the world because of Pet Releaf, you can too.

-Nathan Johnson, Co-Owner of 2 Traveling Dogs and Your Dog’s Diner

For the month of December, use coupon code 2TD at checkout to save 10% at Pet Releaf! 

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