From The Way You Talk, To The Way You Move…Without That Shoe

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Some days are worth singing about.


And today?  Well, when you get to take off that orange shoe that has been plaguing you for weeks, and you are in Adel, Georgia, well, you sing about it.  To Adele.  It’s only appropriate.

Everybody loves the things you do
From the way you talk
To the way you move
Everybody here is watching you
‘Cause you feel like home
You’re like a dream come true

Have you ever had something happen to you and it feels like you were the only one it had ever happened to? That is how I felt.  There I was, just minding my own business hiking and jumping out of the RV steps and my paw exploded.  The persons could not figure out to make it stop hurting, so they tried everything from bandages to that desperate orange shoe.  And that orange shoe?


Sure, it struck up conversation.  It made people ask me how I was.  It gave me more attention than Brickle. But yeah.  I wanted to say goodbye to it from day one.  Not. Hello.

It was a struggle to keep that shoe on and to have the willpower not to eat it off, which in fact I tried to do.  Numerous times.  It was a struggle to keep that thing on as I was trying to kick it off.  And even though it helped my foot to heal so that I didn’t need it at all once I got to Adel, Georgia, I nonetheless didn’t give it a proper send off.  So I thought about it. And I wrote a poem about the orange shoe.


Ode To The Orange Shoe

Oh, orange shoe, oh orange shoe,

Without you, what was I supposed to do?

You came to the rescue when my foot was hurt,

You protected me from rain, mud and dirt.

But what you couldn’t do 

Was keep away my speed,

“Rescues” must have been your favorite breed.

Because what you did was help me heal,

Although now I am happy to make a deal.

Since I am better, you can go to bed,

You heard me.  That’s what I said.

I have a shoebox just for you,  

To join your shoe family of three, 

Although now you smell like cheese.

I apologize for that but it couldn’t be helped,

My foot does not smell like kelp.

So maybe we will meet,

Again one day, but until then I have one thing to say.

Thank you for your help and your orange bright glow.

But I don’t need you now.  You can go.

Sing that, Adele.

Yeah.  So that was my poem to the orange shoe.  It would have been longer, but I had to give the boot the boot in Adel, Georgia.  We have a busy week and I need nothing to break my stride.

If you have something that has helped you heal, or someone that has helped you heal, have you truly told them thank you? Most times, we are quick to forget the things or the people that were there for us when we were down or when we had a hurt paw.  But if you don’t stop and take a moment to show your appreciation, you won’t move as fast.  You won’t go as many places.  Because gratitude is one of the most important things we can show.  Even if we don’t have an orange shoe on anymore.  Oh, happy day!


Today, we are on our way to Tampa, Florida!  The persons’ Italy trip is days away…please stay with us!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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2 thoughts on “From The Way You Talk, To The Way You Move…Without That Shoe

  1. I’m crying. And I LOVE Adele. I love you, Dear Family. Brush the dirt off. And cleanse yourselves. I’m purging too. It’s All Good. It’s never easy doing this stuff, but oh so necessary. It always makes sense. ❤❤❤❤

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