Leave Your Baggage On That Mountain

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Just when you think that you have everything figured out in life…just when you think that you have a plan….well, that is when something usually makes you remember that you don’t have it figured out. Your plan may need to change. And maybe, just maybe, you aren’t as smart as what you thought. I am not talking about me, by the way.

But this last week made us remember that our plans don’t always go as planned. Our biggest worry was the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV breaking down. Or blowing a tire. Or blowing up. A hurricane was never in our mind, or in our plans. And yet, it happened. Just like it happened in many people’s lives over the past week. We were so sorry to hear of all the damage and all of the people that did not make it. Even some of our friends and fans were very bad off. And we know that we were fortunate. Because not only did we manage to stay out of the worst part of the storm, but we also had to make time for ourselves by stopping that we never do. And when you never stop, you can never regroup. You can never look at yourself as long as you need to, like I do. And well, stopping makes you stop. Obviously. And it make you look at things you were ignoring.

For our family, being forced to stop on a wet mountain this week brought with it a set of challenges. When we first got there, we did not want to stay. Because, you see, as beautiful of a forest as it was, and as long as it took to climb the seven miles up, we were not appreciating it.


We had been moving so much over the past week, we didn’t know what it was like to stop. And because everything had went wrong, and a few of our conveniences were taken away, well, we were over it. And on the side of the road contemplating whether to go back down that mountain. I am glad that we stuck it out. I am glad that our family had time to just sit and talk. I am glad that we made the best out of the situation because, well, we had to. And if we would not have stopped, we would have carried all the negative baggage with us. And who needs more baggage? Certainly not in this RV, we don’t.


I know that it is really hard to stop for some persons. They don’t want to see the things that they need to. Because it is easier that way. But what they don’t realize is that they start carrying all this stuff around, yet they keep trying to move on. And it gets heavier. And heavier. Heavier than Deputy Digby Pancake at an all you can eat breakfast buffet.

We knew that the Blue Ridge Parkway was still going to be there when this storm was gone. Yet, our minds couldn’t wrap around the fact that it threw off our reservations, our plans, our agenda. And yet, that agenda was the problem in the first place. So now that we left it up there on top of a mountain in Benton, Tennessee, let’s forge on. Let’s make a path day by day. And let’s get back to where we left off. We are on our way.

But we are in no hurry. We are making our way off of this mountain today and we will try to find a campsite closer to the parkway!


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-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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