Better Together. Now Let’s Go.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Some days you wake up and the news is on already.  Actually, that never happens in this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.  First of all, we don’t have a TV.  Second of all, there is nothing ever really worth watching on the news.  Unless…you are trying to outrun someone.  Named.  Florence.  Hurricane. Florence.  Was that dramatic enough for you?

Well, it has been for us.  You see, our first campground on Monday got closed.  So we packed up again.  We left and drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway until we found a campground and slept there for the night Tuesday. Yeah, Brickle already updated you on this yesterday, but he forgot to mention how great a campground without electricity can be in the peaceful North Carolina mountains without luxuries.

Our luxury was being together.  Until the rain started literally pouring down like Florence had dropped by early.  A leak in the skylight and drenched spirits were had all around after that.  Somehow, the week seemed to be getting to us a little more too. We had been driving already for two days.  We knew we had yet another day to drive on Wednesday, and it was overwhelming to the persons who had no TV thing and no way to find out what was going on.  But all I saw that we were in a pretty place.  We had everything we needed. Except more pancakes. You always need more pancakes. But we were together. Why wasn’t anyone seeing this? We were together. Everything was better together.

The persons finally pulled themselves together, and made plans to drive away from Florence, because she was getting meaner by the minute.  And as we drove out of camp, the persons said that she had changed her mind, and now she was going another way. So they decided that we were going to take a breather and take a hike and clear our minds.  Not that mine needs that.  But I was obliged to cooperate.


As usual, I was not sure what the big deal was for our part.  We could move our house anywhere.  And even though we felt tired and more tired, and more, more tired, we were ok.  We knew others were scared and that this was a very serious deal. And it is not often that I get serious.  So as we hiked up to a waterfall, the sun came out a little bit and we knew what we had to do.  We had to go.

We took the hike and looked all around us.  Life was as sweet for us as banana pancakes. And that is special.  Almost as special as when Boy Person makes those.

I know, and all dogs know, that thinking ahead too much doesn’t work sometimes.  Florence is doing what she wants to do.  And that is changing her mind.  Life is all about adapting.  Life is about not thinking that delays are the end of the world.  We will finish the Blue Ridge Parkway soon enough.  But now, we have to make sure that we stay together. And so we drove until we passed Johnson City, Tennessee.  We might have to change course again, but for today we can get groceries. We can wash our clothes.  We can try and seal the leaks.  This is not the time for breaking down in the RV or breaking down in our spirits.

As Sheriff Brickle and I reached the top of the waterfall on Wednesday to get some perspective, we saw lots of water.  We saw lots of beauty. We saw lots of wonderful things.

And even though Hurricane Florence is to be taken seriously, Brickle reminded me that hurricanes are needed for the earth.  He thinks he knows it all and I just think he is a big show off for climbing on that wall.  While he was up there he said hurricanes can bring rain to places that need it.  He said hurricanes can bring about balance to the atmosphere, and well, after that, I tuned out.  But he said that because we live in some of the places those hurricanes want to visit, we have to remember that sometimes the world doesn’t revolve around us.  There are sometimes bigger pictures. And always something to learn from those pictures.  He must think there is something to learn from staring at himself all day.

We finally made it to our campground in Tennessee.  Nope, we didn’t think that we would be here.  And we may have to move again.  But I would never consider this a bad week.  In fact, driving around together, seeing waterfalls and hiking would be some dogs’ dreams come true.  I don’t take it for granted like the persons sometimes do.  Sometimes, it may take something as big as a hurricane to push them back into reality.


Stay tuned for real time updates on our Facebook page and a special episode of our travels this Sunday at 10 a.m. ET.  And don’t forget Girl Person’s live video on our page Friday at noon ET as she talks about how Pet Releaf helped our anxiety on the road this week.  Everyone…please.  Stay safe so that those banana pancakes you are going to make taste even sweeter when this is all over.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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  1. Barbara Sevrens

    Glad you guys are safe and moving right along. You are amazing and give me strength to pray safety and protection for you. Glad you got the leak fixed. Love to your stuffies too

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