Hot Pizza Toppings On Feet

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I have been instructed to write the dog blog today.  You know, I normally would have no problem with that in between bites of pancakes.  But this week has been rough for me trying to hold down the RV fort.  You see, we have a sicky, Bricky Sheriff on our paws, an under the weather Girl Person, and a floor full of dog hair, hot pizza and dirty feet.


We knew that there was going to be rain in the forecast this week.


So we tried to prepare for it as much as we could.  You know, getting out towels, plugging up the hole in the Jeep hood, duct taping the RV roof in places, and putting in the slide outs.  Our motorhome has now turned into a sardine can with nowhere to move except on top of each other. And with all of this commotion, and trying to be as normal as possible, Girl Person wanted to feel better by making some pizza in our easy bake oven RV.

Sometimes, Girl Person says she feels like she is playing house.  She says that no one in their right mind would try to make a pizza in a sardine can, but she wanted some.  Also. She is not in her right mind. And so, after a day of pouring rain and mud, and climbing on top of the RV, Boy Person took a seat, laughed to Girl Person about the day, and she went to making a pizza.  Or two.  Yes, for each of them.  It had been that kind of day.

But when you try to fit two pizzas in an easy bake oven with toppings, and you are really hungry, you forget where you are for a minute, because you are so excited about the pizza.  And so you pull it out of the oven, and you also forget you are standing on a square floor in a half a butt kitchen, and you pull too hard, and you fall back onto the kitchen table, which has been made into a dog bed, and the hot pizza toppings go all over your feet.  You are also thinking in run-on sentences.  Obviously.

Your foot is now burnt, you are laying on top of your Digby dog…me…who is not happy about it.  And then, to second that emotion, you have the Sheriff who wakes up from his sleep with a sick stomach, starts crying to go out, and then Girl Person tries to run across the half butt kitchen, catapulting herself over Boy Person in a chair with hot pizza topping feet. She slides out the RV steps with Brickle at her side, forgets a dog bag, and has to run across the campground with hot pizza feet, no dog bag, a sick Sheriff, and.  In. The. Rain.

Now,  if you have ever had soggy pizza, it ain’t good for anyone, and yet, Girl Person was mourning the loss of her mushrooms and leeks, and realized that if Brickle ate them, he was going to be even sicker, so she ran back to the RV to get a dog bag to pick up the toppings and other items, and she just stood there for a moment.  What had her life come to? She had one dog sick from worrying about the storm.  She only had an easy bake oven.  And well, she had a pretty sad pizza.  And this made her sad.  And then, sometimes, you are so sad, you start laughing.  And when you start laughing with burnt pizza feet and soggy dog bags full of mushrooms and leeks, you look like you need the police called on you.  However, he is outside in the rain with you.  And you are both a sad, sad sight.

As Boy Person opened the door, due to the frantic knocks, he first of all wondered if his personal pizza had any toppings on it.  Then, he wondered if we had all lost our minds.  Finally.  In this sardine can.  And I seconded that emotion.

But, when it comes to rainy days, rainy weeks, stormy weather and sardine cans full of no toppings pizzas, you have to just stop and wonder.  Is a smooth sailing life a better life? Or is a little rain needed every now and then to make you appreciate pizza with toppings, feet that aren’t burnt and not eating sardines?  I say rain, rain, go away.  But thanks for the visit.  We are ready to go back to not being sick and not being rained on.  But as long as you are here, and you don’t get to leaving, pull up a chair. Never mind. There’s no room.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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2 thoughts on “Hot Pizza Toppings On Feet

  1. Theresa Bates

    I hope the Sheriff gets better. And I certainly hope that nothing really bad is wrong with him. After 48 hours of a sick stomach, I’d be heading to the vet. Even if I knew he got a bit emotional and had physical symptoms of stress when the weather got crazy. Because I’d want to know for sure it was just rainy weather and not something worse. But then, maybe he also drank some salt water. Whatever the problem, I hope he gets well very soon. I showed the “then and now” photos to my family Sunday. They all had the same question: Why was he in the shelter so long? That little sad face would have made every one of my family members just melt. He’d have had a home right away. And we wouldn’t have minded dealing with some issues.

  2. Jacqueline

    Oh my family!! I hope you all feel better!! At least you’re finding some humor in it!!! Love to you all!! xoxoxo <3 <3 <3 <3

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