The 2 Traveling Dogs New Book Club

If you like reading and you love dogs, join us in our new endeavor!  The 2 Traveling Dogs Book Club!

Our book club will be headed by author of The Endless Path, Laurie Duperier.


“Books have had a big impact on me in my life. They introduce me to new ideas and ways of thinking about things. I hope that through the book club we can explore topics that relate to our dogs and dogs in general, and share our experiences and points of view. We can learn a lot from each other and help each other even when we have different beliefs.”

Laurie talks about her first book selection.

“For Saving Parker in particular, Gunny and I chose it because it deals with abuse, reluctance to report it, the challenges of kill shelters, and the importance of fostering. All subjects near and dear to the hearts of 2 Traveling Dogs fans, and each presents an opportunity to learn from each other and the experts we will seek to include in our discussion.”

How can you take part in our book club?  Simply request to join the 2 Traveling Dogs Fans Group page!  Laurie will head the discussion via that page.

Upcoming, scheduled selections also include:

Dr. Judy Morgan’s Yin & Yang 

Hogan’s Hope: A Deaf Hero’S Inspirational Quest for Love and Acceptance
by Connie Bombaci

You can purchase Laurie’s first section, Saving Parker on Amazon or Kindle.  Or simply check your local library!

We hope that you enjoy this new way of connecting with other fans and dog parents!

Request to join today!


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