Give Peace A Chance

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I learned that today I made an executive decision when I am not even an executive. And that already is quite a feat, not being an executive or anything. Although, I would like to be paid as an executive. Maybe we can arrange that.


The persons are so tired that they couldn’t decide if we were in fact going to go somewhere today called San Diego or somewhere called Joshua Tree. You see, they got a bit travel weary and sore last week from our trek through the jungles of Los Angeles. And they are still a little sad about leaving Sonoma.  And they were beginning to think that they were just ready to call it quits and go see a chiropractor or something, and not go anywhere. Sometimes, you get so tired that you can’t even think of thinking.  It took us all days to recover from our travel day, and at this point in our trip, or trips I should say, we are running pretty slow. And so Sheriff Brickle and I decided that maybe we should help them, and decide for them on where we should go today and this upcoming week.  And so we decided that we should go both places.  Because seriously.  What is the hurry?

Now, I can’t read a map, and even if I could, I would pee on it before I could read it. Or I would eat it, but that would be before I would pee on it. As an executive, I have a schedule and that seems like a good plan.  What also seemed like a good plan was going to San Diego today so that we could hide from the coyotes.  Or, as Girl Person said, we could give the coyotes their space here in Temecula.  You see, she told me we were guest in their neck of the woods.  Or the California desert.


It seems like everyone is so scared of coyotes.  And then we go somewhere else, and everyone is so scared of bears.  Or alligators.  Or spiders.  Or wolves.  Or everything! And although we know that we have to give our respect to the creatures that are just protecting their own and their homes, we do understand that we all share this earth together.  What gives us a right to be somewhere and not something else?


It makes sense to me that a lot of the problems that people think the animals cause for them are in fact problems that they caused for the animals.  And so at night, when we listen to the coyotes make their noises, and we get a little nervous, we now respect that nervous.  We listen from afar, but we don’t want to harm the coyotes.  And all I am saying to everyone…is please.  Give peace a chance.  Can’t we all try to understand each other and give respect most of all to each other?

We have learned from our travels that this world is very diverse.  Very different from place to place.  We may be tired, but we recognize the beauty still in every single place.  Someone may like the ocean, but someone else may like the desert.  And the animals are different too.  They all have their favorite places, routines just like us, families just like us, and lives just like us.  What gives us the right to take their lives away?

Isn’t there enough wrong in our world? Isn’t there enough things going on to try and get us distracted from what is really important in life?  Persons start to think that they have a right to do whatever they want to do, whether it harms someone or something else.  So take a moment today and think about the things, the animals, the earth around us and how they ask for nothing but to exist, to live.


And so today as we head to San Diego to see its beauty, we will let the coyotes take a break from our visit.  And we will look forward to hearing them tonight!

All we are saying.  Is give peace a chance.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page today for our trek through San Diego, then we head to Joshua Tree on Wednesday!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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3 thoughts on “Give Peace A Chance

  1. Jacqueline

    Truer words were never spoken, Executive Digby. You deserve a bonus. Now, give me that nose!!!! I’m so glad you’re taking your time, stay for the whales, visit all of CA, like you said, no rush!!! Love you all, rest, go slow, none of us are going anywhere. xoxoxo <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Kathy Dubree

    My daughter who was born and raised in the south, lives in San Diego and she loves it. It has city, the ocean, and places to get with nature. The weather is really good too not too hot, not too cold. Good luck and safe travels for whatever you decide.

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