It Can Turn On A Dime

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Some people may say that the only thing that is guaranteed in life is change.  And some dogs like me may say that people have too many sayings.  But I will agree.  Change is certainly something that our family knows about.


Change keeps us our toes and on our paws for sure.  You never know in life from one day to the next, or one minute to the next what WILL change.  And sometimes, it can be scary, even for a Sheriff like me.


So Sunday night, after a long day of resting, we made our way to bed.  As Girl Person always does since we left the Sonoma place, she checks the weather, because it was just a normal night when we went to bed a few months ago that all of the fires happened there.  Yes, it was scary. And so when she was checking, she was nervous when she saw that there was a high wind and a fire warning for where we were near Temecula.  And that was that.

I knew it had to happen, felt the tables turnin’
Got me through my darkest hour
I heard the thunder clappin’, felt the desert burnin’
Until you poured on me like a sweet sunshower

She woke up Boy Person, and they decided that they would freak out just like they normally do.  So they packed up all of our stuff and thought that maybe we should just go ahead and leave.  And after the freak out, they sat down, all tired at 1 in the morning and realized that they probably overreacted.  Oh, just like any normal day.  But it was the middle of the night.

Now, as Sheriff, I am all for giving orders and barking orders, and I thought that perhaps we should wait a bit before we left, because, duh, what were we going to drive into?  It isn’t a good idea to drive your big house RV down the road in wind, and so as I blocked the steering wheel access, Boy Person got the hint that we should sleep on it.  And wait till the morning.

As it always does, the morning came, and we checked the weather.  Again.  There was still a warning, but it didn’t look as bad as Digby’s breath on a hot summer day.  Yes, you can see his breath on a hot summer day.  That is a saying of mine.  Don’t judge or try to take it, because as I mentioned before, you have too many sayings anyway.

So we decided that perhaps we should stick with our plans of going to the San Diego place, get a little ocean therapy and then see if anything had changed again in a few hours.


Because why? Change.  Just like the weather, even change changes. Like that saying? You can look one minute and the skies are clear.  You can look the next minute and there is a storm.  One minute, the winds are calm.


The next, they are gusting.  And that has been a hard, hard lesson on this trip for us.  You can’t count on anything remaining the same.  You can’t take it for granted that what you think is constant will be here tomorrow.  Because for us, no matter how many times we check, or think we know, life can turn on a dime.  Can you roll with it?

As Sheriff, I think it is good to be prepared in life for change, but I also think that perhaps Deputy Digby has the right idea too of enjoying life as you can.  You see, even though we were worried about the weather, it would have been a shame not to enjoy San Diego for the day, worrying about what would come next.  We saw Balboa Park, the ocean, took drives around the city, and laughed about all of the weather phenomenons we had found ourselves in on this trip.  This was just adding to the list of pages in our book.


Just like a book, life’s pages keep turning, but only if we turn them.  Only if we want to read them.  You can’t stay on one page forever.

So if you’re tired of the same old story,
Oh, turn some pages
I will be here when you are ready
To roll with the changes, yeah, yeah

And for us, learning that we can’t control everything in life that we want to, we have to go with those changes.  We learn to prepare, but enjoy.  Life can turn on a dime, as you persons say.  Roll with it!

Oh you got to learn to roll with the changes
Got to, got to, got to, got to keep on rollin’
Keep on rollin’, got to learn to, got to learn to,
Got to learn to roll

Unless something else changes, we will be here in Temecula, California until Wednesday. Then we will be headed to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park! Will you go with us?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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