Pawcast Podcast #10 Connecticut

This week on the 2 Traveling Dogs Podcast, we discuss our travels through the beautiful state of Connecticut!  From Brickle and Digby’s food fight, to the wonderful people at Friday’s Rescue Foundation, this is a state we will never forget.

One thought on “Pawcast Podcast #10 Connecticut

  1. Jacqueline

    Oh my God, you two are so adorable!!! Thank you again for the laughs, the knowledge and that intro and out-tro? is so hilarious I keep listening to it!! I’m so glad I’m not the only one that isn’t sure of things!! And yes, Boy Person, Connect Four. Fun game. And you’re voices (so sorry they are damaged by your sickness and all of the awful fires! ) so soooooothing…..again, a compliment!! Regarding ridiculous furniture covers, I swear, that brought back a memory of one of my grandparents made out of some hideous polyester nightmare covered in pineapples, what?? What was my grandmother thinking? And in the late 80’s I did a lot of traveling to Canada, and I had a Chow-Chow (Smokey-RIP) that I always took with me, sometimes detained at Customs for long times, but I’m sure things are different now. I can’t imagine they wouldn’t let you bring your dog though. Oh, I’m so happy you’re feeling up to PAW-casting again, thank you for making my day, it was a lousy one, and you two are the best!!! Kisses to the boys, still Good-Vibing for the little red house!!! Much love to you all!!! xoxoxo

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