A Rich Girl, Laundered Money, A Raven And The Little House

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  It is not often that I can use my Deputy skills in such a useful way on a regular morning walk.  But years of on the job training has made me into the law enforcement officer that I am.  Never did I think in all my years that pooping on a fence would lead to some money for Girl Person.

Don’t you know, don’t you know
That it’s wrong to take what is given you

You see, let me give you a little background in case you are not aware of why I poop on fences and trees.  Before I was rescued, I had to go to the bathroom in a cage, and I hated it.  But I got used to it, and I could never break the habit.  So, yeah.  My bathroom consists of fences and poor trees who rue the day they were born when I walk by.  Sorry.  Trees.


But as far as fences, well, it paid off in the end after all of these years. I knew that it would one day. As I pulled Girl Person into a fence on our morning walk yesterday, she saw it.  A twenty dollar bill wet and stuck in the fence.

High and dry, out of the rain
It’s so easy to hurt others when you can’t feel pain
And don’t you know that a love can’t grow

Well, I tried to take aim on it before she could grab it and I succeeded.  She stood there for a moment and looked around.  What had just happened?  Who had lost this money?  Was it worth it to her to wash this money?  Would anyone even want this money after this just occurred?  We were on a trail not many people went on, but plenty of horses.  So as she stood there with the money, I took advantage and got a little snack myself.  And Girl Person decided that yes, she would launder the money. And although she was sad for whoever lost it, she realized the chances of knowing or ever finding out who they were were slim.  About as slim as the chance they would want their money back with poop on it.  She.  Was.  Rich.

You’re a rich girl, and you’ve gone too far
‘Cause you know it don’t matter anyway

Well, we hurried back to the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV with poop money and as usual, Boy Person had no questions for the morning events. He has learned just not to ask, because when he does, a bird takes off with his underwear.  You know what I’m talking about from yesterday.


But anyway, Girl Person got to laundering her dirty money outside and started day dreaming about all of the things she could buy for herself.  Because she decided that if she had to wash poop money, she deserved to spend it.

Say money but it won’t get you too far,
Get you too far

Now. You may think that she wanted a special bottle of Sonoma wine.  And you would be correct.  But she realized that she was going to buy that anyway.  It was a day of the week that ended in day so that was a given.  So she thought to herself that she would buy something she had wanted for a really long time.  And she went right to the kite and candy store.

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I am not sure how the simplest things can make us all so happy sometimes, but I am glad that they do.  Seeing Girl Person watch her new friend the raven was enough to make us all happy about the poop money.  And we hoped that the person that lost it found some poop money somewhere else too.  Since we were on a roll of happy, the persons decided that they would continue with being detectives on the little house in Bodega Bay.

As they pulled up in the neighborhood, they got side tracked by a man person’s art gallery in his garage.  They talked a long time to him about his pretty paintings and his rescue dogs.  He told them that he knew that the little house needed a lot of love.  He told them that he hoped they could be neighbors and the persons went off to see if they could talk to any of the family.  They found their house, but no one was home, so they left a note.  Girl Person simply wrote the letter with all her heart.  She said she was a writer and that after 48 states and traveling so long, this house spoke more to her heart than any house..anywhere.  Do you know that Girl Person has never even thought of herself as a writer until yesterday? She beamed when she told us that she thought she probably was, although I hate to tell her this, but it has been Brickle and I writing this dog blog for almost six years now. And when she realized that another writer had lived there in the past that loved to talk to the ravens, it made her think that in some way, she needed to be here too.

If you remember, our Granny Person that passed away a few years ago, you may remember she was sick for a little bit.  When she was sick, it seemed that every day, more and more ravens would arrive at her house.  Some people may find it ominous, but Girl Person found it comforting.  Other members of the family remarked that it made them feel as if her life mattered beyond her little living room.  And the birds helped with just their presence. Being in Bodega Bay, you know of all the birds here.  And we love them.  And Girl Person loves her raven.  If nothing else, this raven blowing in the wind will always remind her of this special place which will live on in her heart. She will also remember the poopy $20 bill.

So there you have it.  And so now…we wait a little bit.  But we can’t wait too long…next week, we will leave for Florida if we can’t live here.


So far gone, on your own
You can get along if you try to be strong

I think I have to go the bathroom again now.  Girl Person needs to go to store and can use the extra money.  Poopy or not.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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6 thoughts on “A Rich Girl, Laundered Money, A Raven And The Little House

  1. Jacqueline

    Deputy Digby, I’m so sorry your life started out that way, you poor baby, but nice score!!! And no doubt, Girl Person has paid it forward a million times over, so no harm, no foul!! (Except for the foul washing!!) And I love the new little addition, and Ravens are super smart and no doubt, that is fascinating that they congregated when Granny person wasn’t well, there’s definitely meaning in that!!! And Boys, I know you have been “writing” the blog, but there is NO DOUBT, Girl Person is a writer, I’m soooooo happy she is finally acknowledging that, good on her, because the world is waiting for a book or TEN from you all someday!!! I am so glad you are still getting more input on the little red house, it really does seem to be such an amazing place, where you all would be so at peace. I wish you all the Good Love that it all falls into place for you. I also hope, Digby, you’re feeling better, stop eating horse poop!!!! Silly!!! Love you all!!!!! xoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Karen Hampton

    I totally understand about the birds, here in my Michigan place before my Mom & favorite cousin passed a few years ago, we were visited by an abundance of Robin’s for my cousin & Cardinals for my Mom. Those were each their favorite birds. Yes, comforting indeed. Hoping with all my heart the Little Red Nest becomes your sanctuary. And, between you boys & GP, you are INDEED writers. But, dear BP is a great ‘muse’. Minus new underwear, but a great muse nonetheless. Love ‘Grammy’

  3. Julie Miller

    Hopes and prayers that your dream comes true! But if it doesn’t, you will move on to a new dream, as you always do. God has always had a plan for your little family. And with many bumps in the road along the way, you all bravely continue on…. Love you all. You are an inspiration.

  4. Amy

    Praying to the gods of Bodega Bay’s Little Red Houses and the Ravens that watch over them, that you may make this your home!

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